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We work hard to help hundreds of thousands of our loyal monthly readers. And we need YOUR help to grow and increase our positive impact on the world.

Traveling, in general, is a transformative and mind-broadening experience. The more we inspire people to travel the world, the more peaceful world we’ll all share.

Traveling teaches us that at its core, each human is wonderful and capable of goodness! 

The Art of Travel and your brand partnership can be a strategic Win-Win for both of us. For you, your brand’s message is important and it needs to be heard by more people. We can provide you the platform to reach more people who may be interested in your mission. 

Moreover, as explained above, by sponsoring us, you will be doing social good as well and can gain some positive PR/media coverage. 

In other words, you can be part of our growth by sponsoring and supporting us. With your help, we can reach a LOT of like-minded individuals.

Sponsor Us

We depend on our sponsors and advertisers for a certain portion of our financial needs and therefore your help makes this site possible. So, thank you for supporting us!

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If you can make a donation to support our work at this time we would be extremely grateful. Just click the Donate button. (Thank you!)

We have a number of specific projects that we need support for – if you would like to donate towards a particular project please email artofworldtravel [!at] gmail.com.

The Art Of Travel and all of our expeditions, social causes, and adventure projects are supported by our proud sponsors and generous donors like you.

Ongoing Projects

The Great Tibet: Preserving A Thousand Years Old Culture (Documentary)

  • Purpose: Culture. Social awareness.

Kathmandu To Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek (Documentary)

  • Purpose: Social Cause. Education for Girls, Women’s Rights, Lack of Clean Water.

Ayurveda Tourism In Kerala, India (Documentary Series)

  • Purpose: Insights into alternative medicine, massage and spa services, and healing.

Incredible Hidden Myanmar (Documentary)

  • Purpose: Filmmaking is banned in Myanmar, but, we would love to show you behind the scenes from this beautiful country.

Earth From Above (Drone Video Series)

  • Purpose: 5-minute long drone shots of all 193 countries and of the most beautiful natural wonderlands from around the world.

Journey To The North Pole (Documentary)

  • Purpose: A documentary on journeying from North America to Europe to the North Pole and then spending a full day there in an extreme weather condition.

The Power Of Myth: A Journey To Six Continents  (Documentary)

  • Purpose: A video series documenting major cultural myths from around the world.

The Art Of Travel (Docu-Film)

  • Purpose: A full length, film-like travel documentary showcasing the life of nomadic traveling, making a living from it, and various travel tips and hacks.

Here are some other projects, to which you can donate, and also, causes, why you should give to charity.

Appreciate Our Work?

The entire The Art of Travel team loves to research and write interesting essays, articles and blog posts for you. But it takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each month to sustain and keep the engines running.

We need your help to keep it going!

We Need Your Support

It is hard to maintain a large team of international travel writers and support the cost of this humongous website without contributions from users like you.

If you enjoy reading this blog and find it useful, please consider making a donation. (No amount is small enough!)

If you find any joy (and we are sure, you do) and value from this blog, and want to donate, please contact us directly through the contact page.

Besides traveling, taking pictures, shooting videos, and writing stories, we need to also sustain this big site and eat too. 🙂

Two ways to support

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In an effort to make The Art of Travel a financially viable website, we’re currently looking for products or services we respect and would like to partner with. 

Contact us if you’re respectable and likable and think we might be a good match.

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