Salil Jha

Salil S. Jha (‘Sal’ for short), born in India, is a poet, author, adventurer, world traveler, motivational speaker, and transpersonal coach.

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Salil is a doer of many things and is a perfect example of a polymath in the modern world. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife Neha and works on The Naked Soul and The Art Of Travel Store, blogs, podcasts, and other online communities.

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Salil’s Background

Salil founded The Way of Qi (TWOQ), a student organization when he was in college. Before co-founding TWOQ, he taught Martial Arts at various college campuses. During this phase, he was also deep into Christian mysticism and actively engaged in the church-life.

Salil is a passionate speaker and serial entrepreneur by nature. He just can’t stand inefficient or broken ways of doing things in day-to-day life. He is a curious person who loves to find solutions to existing problems.

Currently, he and his wife are on working on making The Art of Travel a number #1 global travel t-shirt and accessories brand while also enjoying their quest to reach all 50 US State Highpoints and similar other ambitious adventures.

Adventure Quests

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Salil Jha’s Entrepreneurial Journey

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