Travel Podcast

Hello friends, vagabonds, digital nomads, tribe members, RSS feed subscribers, and VIP email club members! Welcome to The Art of Travel Podcast. After giving it a thought for almost over two years, we have finally decided to launch a brand new The Art Of Travel Podcast. This is an exciting news for us and we hope it is an exciting news for you as well.

For those of you not familiar with the term, “Podcast” simply means a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading or playing on your mobile, computer, tablets, etc. So, when you are driving or doing a long commute for work, traveling, walking, in the kitchen or if your in the gym, you now have something interesting to tune into and listen to.

The Art of Travel Podcast

This podcast is going to be packed with a lot of travel tips, travel hacks and funny travel stories. If you are mentally tired of listening to same type of music and pop songs on the radio or bored of your music playlist, guess what, we can talk to each other now. That is what a Podcast means.

And best of all, 90% of podcast users use podcast on their phone while driving, cooking or exercising. I am thinking of creating these Podcasts as a series, new installments of which can be received automatically by subscribing to us on the iTunes or similar syndicates.

Okay, so what do I want you to do next?

To kickstart, I am thinking of doing a lot of interviews about travel in general. For this series, I am looking for anyone who has traveled a lot (domestically or internationally) and who has stories, anecdotes and tips to share. Specially, if you went through trouble in some foreign country or have some adventure related stories to share, we would love to hear your story. Your story might help someone, think about that.

You have the potential to help so many who may be in your situation or thinking of traveling to or doing what you have done and been through. Contact us (if you are interested) and we bless your soul for your heroic journey.If you fit the description, please message or email. We would love to interview you via skype or in person at our Boston studio (if that works for you).

At times, we also travel to conduct in-person interviews at your home or studio. Whatever works for both of us. After each interview and podcast session, the transcript will be posted on The Art of Travel blog, the audio will be on iTunes, and the video will be posted to our YouTube channel.

Now, tell me, isn’t it exciting? We are very excited!