how to pack like a pro and travel light

How To Pack Like A Pro and Travel Light

The less you carry, the farther you travel – that is the mantra ninja travelers use. If you want to be one of them, then please pay attention.

We have outlines our top hacks and tricks that will teach you how to pack like a pro and travel light.

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A checklist is always important when you pack your bags. No matter what kind of trip you are on – adventurous or leisurely, you ought to check out the things you probably need on the trip.

From your toiletries to your electronics everything should be on the list.



There is a rehearsal before the final performance- that is what you must do. Use a table and spread out all the things you need to pack- all your gear.

Once you do that, then practice packing. It might sound weird,( what packing practice, duh?) But believe me it helps you to pack faster and smarter.

The more you pack, you know what you want and what you need in your backpack- see the difference? You want that extra pair of shorts, but you need those comfy shoes for your hike.

That is why pack and unpack till you, filter out all the not needed things for your trip. Then you will master the art and Pack like a Pro!


A bag has several kinds of species inside it if you know what I mean. Some items need careful folding; some need tying and some rolling.

Your t-shirts, trousers, jeans, dresses, shorts, pajamas need folding. But jackets, blankets need rolling and after rolling them tie them tighter, so they hold their shape.


After the major packing of clothes, come the toiletries and accessories. Use separate zip bags or pouches to set them apart. Use one for charger, earphone, batteries and other for passport and documents you need.

Keep them on the top of your pack, so they are easily accessible. You can find it in our Travel Store: Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag.


Other items like socks and scarves are tiny little things that act like cement. Yes, cement!

The stacks of clothes and rolls of jackets and blanket act as bricks and the socks and scarves you use to fill up the space between them act like cement. It gives your bag a firm shape and balances the weight throughout.



Above all, a go-bag is a must. You might ask what is a go-bag? Well, it is like a life-saving kit in times of emergency. It contains Your extra phone charger, extra earphone, copies of your documents, extra toiletries some snacks and change of clothing.

It is like an overnight bag you pack when you do a sleepover. And is a must know if you are to pack like a pro.


How long is your trip? What is the first thing that you are going to unpack when you reach your destination? Pack in reverse order to keep the necessary things within your grasp. Like the pair of T-shirt and Pyjamas you need when you reach, should rest on the top of your suitcase rather than the dress might wear later on your trip.

Think like a pro, and pack like a pro. Do one thing- line out the things you need according to your days of stay- What you need on day 1? Then day 2 and so on. And pack the things you need on the last day at the bottom and the things you need on the first day at the top.

Do one thing: You can line out the things you need according to your days of stay. What do you need on day 1? Then day 2 and so on. And pack the things you need on the last day at the bottom and the things you need on the first day at the top.


Carrying a backpack with a load of your entire trip is sometimes tiring as all the weight rests on your shoulder. But here is how the pros cheat the weight- this packing formula is also one of the best and effective.

It takes the load off your shoulder and rather than pulling you back puts the pressure on the center of your body.


  • Bottom of the Bag – Medium Heavy
  • Middle of the Bag – Heaviest
  • Top of the Bag – Lighter

These are the Ultimate hacks to make your packing smoother. Pack less, Travel More; because you never know what you might bring back with you.

You need some space for the mementos as well as memories. Happy Traveling!

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