Olga Tytova

Olga Tytova is a passionate traveler and travel blogger from the north of Ukraine. Born and raised in a city of Chernihiv, just 2 hours away from the capital, Olga has explored most of her region, country, and visited a dozen European countries.

Not being rich, but having chosen the path of a freelance writer, she became an expert on budget traveling.

Olga Tytova Ukraine

Olga’s Travel Goals

Olga’s goals are to visit all European countries in the nearest 5 years and to visit all countries in the world during the lifetime. She has her own blog and dreams of a travel agency, which will organize budget and friendly trips to Europe for small groups of people.

This way, the individual approach and friendly atmosphere will be kept. And everyone will be satisfied with the trip, unlike standard tours from huge tour operators.

Olga is an active volunteer too. She runs several social projects, aimed at RussianUkrainian military conflict veterans and their adaptation in the civil life. Olga can talk about Ukraine for hours. She really loves the country she lives in.

Having joined The Art of Travel team in September 2016, Olga took on blog quality assurance, writing content, as well as arranging guest posting for the blog.

Olga also dreams of developing the tourist industry in her home country and attracting travelers to come and explore Ukraine. She has a plan of creating an English blog with various and quality information for those, who come to Ukraine, to make their stay in the country nice, easy, and memorable.

I hope you enjoy my writing on The Art of Travel


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