The Nomad

As a Nomad, the dominant characteristics of your personality type is physical stamina and power. You are a true wanderer but also sensitive and at times emotional.

You like to visit destinations around the globe. Your interest rests within those parts of a location where others hardly take notice or explore.

Nomad Personality Type

You are extremely active in carrying out the entire trip from scratch till the end. You never skip traveling. When there is an opportunity, you always say yes. Your curiosity drags you all the way even if you need to go to a new place alone.

You love to be a loner and never complain of it. Before leaving your home and after entering back from travel you look the same muscular roamer.

For your own, the travels you thought of are marvelous and feel like discovering treasures and others think the travel is weird. You take too much risk while traveling.

Your comfort level is same without food and sleep. A little of both goes a long way. The yearning of seeing different and place into your eyes is your only purpose when you travel.

You travel your mind’s entire question list. Just like a baby you want to learn and learn and learn. You are capable of defining your travel how it should progress, but the majority of people don’t get your idea of traveling without any security for basic needs.

No Crowd, No Noise

As a human being, food, water, shelter, and clothes are the center attention of travelers, but you take a bag on your back and just move ahead with whatever little you have. It is also a great experience full of surprises and just like a fantasy movie where all the desires come true.

You have difficulty holding your impulses to travel and don’t compromise to delay gratification. This becomes the cause of your unexpected loss also.

Unfortunately, you are a master of analytical skills but rather using it for travel as your safety you use it as a barrier for your safety and analyze only what your travel ambitions hold. Skipping of cost and benefit analysis is not a good idea.

Well, you achieve a lot through your this nature and always stand first in the line of most famous destinations. Your experiences with quite raw places leave marks for others to complete their dreams, which are fewer than yours when it comes to travel.

A Rare Breed

A large number of places where only travel journalists and eccentric writers would visit to write a new book or make a new movie, you gather the courage to visit and feel great.

You are perfectly content by small things and in little moments, exactly opposite of those who have loads of fun in crowds, clubs, and nightlife. You prefer bright natural moonlight over night’s neon lights.

You are just the 4% of all those who travel in the world.

The activities never end of course but still, your life has somewhat less number of activities, which are pleasurable. You find pleasure in subtle and still things that others are unable to see.

You are technology lover plus the love for fitness and exercise are your basic interests. That might sound amazing to hear that all the destinations where there are many staircases and long roads to reach somewhere you happily want to go through all of those like a rolling ball.

There is flawless smoothness in your travel and despite the hardships you encounter, success speaks for itself. The life increases great times of achievements as a traveler.

You create your maps, your choice of routes and few transport services that facilitate loners for a short time.

Your intelligence level is the trigger for your travel skills and ignorance for the quality of services you use for example the hotels you live in, and the routes you choose are dangerous, brisk and includes a lot of pressure on your health.

You manage it very well. Still, there are benefits you always mention to the world are precious.

Your abrupt decisions are emotional rather than rational. The ambivalence of your affect catches your soul and snatches the ability to support softness for your own time out of the home.

In crowds, you enjoy unaffectedly and in open areas, you stay stress-free. Your personality shines in the form of biggest travel pioneers.

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