New TSA Airport Rules. Airport Security. This basically means longer wait lines and more work and hassle.

New TSA Rules = Longer Wait Time

Folks, there is a new change in airport security made by the TSA (Transport Security Administration in the USA). Even though this change may seem related to the electronics travel ban on Middle Eastern Countries, it is not what it seems.

The TSA is constantly striving to improve security and to make the process smoother; it took another step in this direction. But, this basically means longer wait lines and more hassle. You will now have to juggle one more bin at the airport.

New TSA Rules

New TSA rule requires separate bins for your jacket, laptops, tablets, and shoes, and another bin for larger electronic devices (including big cameras). Read more about How To Carry Your Camera & Electronics After The U.S Device Limitation.

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Ten airports in the U.S., are being used for testing by the TSA. These ten airports will use the new checkpoint procedure. In this process, passengers must unpack all devices larger than a cell phone and put them in a separate bin.

The reason behind this improved security check procedure is to increase efficiency. By removing all devices larger than a cell phone, there will be less luggage to check manually after going through the X-Ray machine check.

This long process sounds tiring, but it is just the trial period. The TSA has no plans of implementing the new security checkpoint rule, yet. Airports like the Logan International Airport (in Boston) and the Los Angeles Airport are now using the procedure.

Airport Security

TSA advises passengers not to fret and informs that it has no intention of using the updated security methods nationwide right now. There are no changes in what you can pack in your carry-on bags.

But in select airports, the security checkpoints exist, which require you to declutter your bag. In that case, you ought to place your electronics in a separate bin.

There is also an upgrade in the screening of food items. If you don’t go through that screening, the TSA personnel will manually check your food items.

Even though all of the checkpoint security updates seem tedious, it ensures the efficiency of security at airports. It is better to co-operate and let the new procedure take its course.

It is just a little more hassle, and by the time you reach your travel destination, you will have forgotten all about the pains of the airport.

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