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A 25-year-old earthling exploring her home planet. Why? Because I believe we were born to not sit in front of a computer to make money all our lives.

Reading news on the paper makes you believe humanity is dead and our world is hopeless but traveling makes me realize how much of humanity is actually alive. How everyone comes forward to help you when you need it, how everyone smiles, greets, shares and becomes human.

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Besides traveling and writing about it I like to sketch, I sit at a place I travel to and sketch. Makes me experience the place more, by observing all the details, being there for more than few minutes and have it in my book forever.

I could be called a boring traveler at times, as some places like in the Himalayas or by some seashore I like to get away from people and just sit with my book and my thoughts.

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Apart from that, I am an architect by profession and I use my building skills to help me travel. I chose a location, apply for a job there, work and travel.

I learn the local way of life, their culture and then only after a few months do I leave from there. So I travel to know how people live, their different cuisine their lifestyle. I don’t rush, I stay, I experience, then I move to the next place.  A nomad, in slow-mo.

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Upcoming Travel Plans: I will be living in the Himalayas again for the next 5 months, and will be happy to do some volunteering work there.

Neha Ballal Volunteering is a great way to travel. Traveler and Travel writer