Must see places in Slovenia

Slovenia is not a popular destination among tourists. This small country nevertheless has beautiful spots. You can take a trip to the country and enjoy. Slovenes are a bunch of hard-working people. You can watch them playing extreme sports. They are very diligent in their work. When you visit, you will have a friendly atmosphere. There are exciting places you can go to.

BLED It is a town which is located in the Julian Alps. When you reach here, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairytale. There is a dark blue lake waiting for you in the middle of the town. A beautiful island is nestled at the center of the lake. When you watch it while rowing in the lake, it is magical.

The island houses a small church on it. Imagine the view of a on an island surrounded by the lake! You can ride a bicycle throughout the town and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. For a bit more extreme sports go for hiking or sit on a chairlift to the top of Straza.

VOGEL Slovenia has many sports destination. Vogel is one of them. It is also cheaper compared to many high-class resorts.It is not much crowded. Because it is not so popular among tourists.

Vogel Ski Resort from Top by Gremi35 CC BY-SA 3.0

But it has lovely cross-country trails and top notch ski slopes. It is the best destination for winter sports in Slovenia. You can come here if you are visiting during December to May. The snow clad hills and alpine scenery is fantastic to capture in the lense.

LJUBLJANA The capital of Slovenia is located beside the river Ljubljana. So the city is named after it. It doesn’t cover the much geographical area. There are hardly three lakh people residing in the city. Which is the reason you can discover the city leisurely on your foot. You should visit Ljubljana castle. The palace has intimidating clock towers. From here you can see the old part of the city.

The baroque architecture is intricate. When you are in the capital, you will find many symbols or pictures of the dragon. It is because the Greek hero Jason had killed a giant monster here. The prices are not high. You can stay at Hostel Celica, which was previously a Yugoslav prison. Now it has been renovated and has circle bed and trendy furniture.

SKOCJAN CAVES They have been listed in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The old caves are located in an underground canyon. Hearing “ caves “ makes us think of bats. Yes. Skocjan caves have around fifteen species of bats. Be ready to be greeted by a swarm of bats once you enter.

Bridge Inside Skocjan Caves – Slovenia by TravelingOtter CC BY 2.0


You can walk across two ends of the canyon. Doing so you will feel the actual vastness of it. The canyon also has a cave hall. That cave hall is regarded as the highest in Europe.

PREDJAMA CASTLE Coming from cave this castle is also located on the edge of a cave as well as a cliff. It has stood on the mountain for seven hundred years. Are you a fan of Robinhood? Then this will be your heaven.

This is where Robinhood used to live. The notorious robber in the area who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. This place is of brave hearted heroes. You can see a dueling match going on if you visit during July.

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