Karla Dacanay

Maria Karla Lorraine Dacanay is her name. But she prefers to be called Karla.

Karla is from the islands of the Philippines, particularly Davao City. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting, but she did not pursue it because she likes adventures more than numbers; itineraries more than ledgers.

Karla_Dacanay. Full name Maria Karla Lorraine Dacanay. From Davao City_Philippines.

Being an independent and carefree woman, Karla dreamt of traveling and seeing the world in a new and different perspective. Apart from traveling, Karla also loves to write, cook, and binge watch Netflix movies and series.

Her favorite topic is anything that is travel-related; her favorite dish to cook is Pesto; and, her ultimate favorite movie of all time is Eat, Pray, Love.

Sunsets and Rains

Two of Karla’s favorite things about the world are sunsets and rains. Sunsets make her believe that endings can also be beautiful, while rains (a.k.a. Bed weather days) …well, they just make her want to pull her blanket and sleep.

Karla is a simple woman with simple desires in life. But, she also has a quirky and ambitious side. She loves it when she’s preoccupied with thoughts about who will she be in the future. Three of her greatest dreams are: to be a teacher, a lawyer, and a photographer.

As cliché as it seems, Karla lives by the quote, “Live life to the fullest.” Big dreams scare her, but she’s far too ready to chase them. Her passion in life keeps her moving.

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