A bucket list is a collection of goals, dreams, and things that you would like to do within your lifetime or within a certain timeline. This blog is going to be a resource page that anyone can use to pick new ideas for their own bucket lists. My goal is to inspire you to live a life of purpose, one that is both fun and rewarding.

Your bucket list can be small or big, and they can have anything in it. No matter where you start, just start with something. I promise it will be a lot of fun and worth it.

travel bucket list of bucket lists

(PS: If you are an active bucket-lister and if you would like, you can share your journey and/or list on The Art of Travel blog, just shoot me a message.)

Click on the hyperlink on any Bucket List to view the entire list and learn more about it.

US Based Bucket Lists

1. Travel to all 50 US States (preferably by car)

2. Hike or climb to the Highpoint of each 50 US States

3. Visit all 59 US National Parks

4. Visit all 23 US UNESCO World Heritage Sites

5. Visit all US National Monuments

6. The Ultimate Coast-to-Coast American Roadtrips

7. Visit Top 100 Largest US Cities

8. Run a 5K in each 50 US State

9. Visit the 100 Largest US Cities

Travel bucket list of all bucket lists. Starry_night_Langtang_National_Park

Globetrotting Bucket Lists

1. Visit all 193-196 UN recognized Sovereign Countries

2. Travel to 100 or more Countries

3. Travel to 1000 Destinations all over the World

4. Visit the World’s 100 Largest Cities

5. Run a 5K in 50 Countries

6. Run a Marathon or Half-Marathon in each 7 Continents

7. Visit all 7 Continents and all 5 Oceans

The Ultimate List

Below are our two personal bucket lists. “Travel Bucket List” has it all and covers travel, wanderlust, food, spirituality, and everything in between.

“Couple Goals” is our version of the ultimate relationship goals.

Please feel free to share, steal, muse over, or simply laugh at some of them. {wink}

1. Travel Bucket List

2. Couple Goals

Bucket Lists 101

Start with a simple list of what would like to do to make your life more interesting and fun. A bucket list is really about living life and sharing your journey with others. Any thought of doing something that inspires you and makes you feel warm inside is a bucket list worthy item. Now, you just have to write it down.

You can call your bucket list anything, such as:

Life List or Life Goals
Dream List
Travel Goals
Achievement List
Life’s To Do List
Couple Goals or Relationship Goals
Experiences To Have List
Travel Bucket List, etc.

*Please feel free to bookmark this resource page and check back often, as I will be actively adding to it and updating this page until this turns into a massive “The Mother of all Bucket List of all Bucket Lists.”


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