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How To Deal With Periods While Traveling

Periods while traveling is not fun. In fact, it is the worst sort of torture when you are supposed to be having fun. Women (just as much as men do) roam the world solo or in groups. But travel is not same for all genders. Sometimes, an ugly problem can rear its head and spoil all the fun of a traveling woman.


If you are a girl, then you must know what I am talking about (the monthly thingies that come along and makes us all sail on a crimson boat.) With Aunt Flo it gets uncomfortable to travel, to go to a beach, to wear bikinis, and needless to say, you seldom have as much fun as you thought you would.

If you bleed just before your anticipatory trip, it becomes annoying. You think all your travel plans were for nothing, but do not give up your next trip in fear of Aunt Flo. There are many ways how women around the world tackle the problem; you can do so too. Here are a few tips to help you deal with periods when traveling.

Women who are hard-core travelers sometimes resort to controlling the period. It is one of the best methods if you have a trip planned ahead of months. There are several ways by which you can skip your period.



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The commonly used method is the Birth Control Pills. Women skip the week in which they need to use the sugar pills instead they move on to the next pill pack. It is a way of tricking the body into thinking it is pregnant.

Do use the advice of your doctor before using this method, and if you change your prescription then take time before your body adjusts to the medication. So, you do not face any problem dealing with periods when traveling.


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It does a similar function as that of the Birth Control Pill. But instead of taking it, you put the patch on your body. In this way, the hormones released into your body control your pregnancy. Women those who use this, change the patch every week and go patch-free during periods.

If you do not want to deal with periods when traveling, then trick your body. But if you want to trick your body into not having a period then put on the patch in the fourth week of your cycle.


Vaginal Ring gets inserted into your vagina. And the rings get changed every three weeks, the fourth week is that of the period. But instead of going vaginal ring-free, you put on the ring as soon as you change the previous ring. These are not so reliable as they fall out sometimes and also tend to cause problems during intercourse.



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Pills are tiring; you have to remember to take them every day. So there is the Depo- Provera which is a popular and easy method of birth control used by women. One shot lasts three months, but if your trip is longer then remember to take the prescription with you. Though there is no guarantee for your period to stop.

Some women do not like to meddle with the natural cycle. And they deal with the periods, rather than shoo them away. While traveling, periods is the most annoying of all things that can happen. So, choose your non-period weeks to travel. And even though you are on the road for more than one month, then pay attention to these following.


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Those who use sanitary pads or tampons, need to pack their share of pads. Pack according to each day and what else you might need. Make a separate package for each day containing- Pads or tampon you need per day, sanitizer, wipes, painkillers (Midol, whatever suits you) and extra packet to dispose of your pads. And yes, Pack extra undies as much as you can.



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Vaginal cups are by far the most reliable thing women can use while traveling. You do not need to worry about changing it from time to time in a day. Just wash it while you take your shower daily. But do carry along some feminine wash, or soaps to wash the menstrual cups.

There are chances that the cup gets misplaced or leaks due to heavy bleeding, in that case, wear panty liners just to be sure.



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Clothes for your period week better be of dark colors, so that you avoid the dark patches on crisp light colored dresses of yours. If you plan to have beach day during your trip then, wear a swimsuit with bottoms. No string bikinis please, you better cover up. Waterproof bottom or shorts go well with your swimsuit and make you feel comfy.

If you do not want to go to the water, then avoid it. Just spend a day on the beach, sunbathing. There is nothing wrong with it.



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Stay Hydrated that is the first thing you must do. Next is the intake of iron, and magnesium. Your body loses blood; you need iron surplus while on periods. Magnesium reduces the pain or muscle cramps. So, eat veggies and salads. Avoid fried and salty food.

Keep these few things in mind, and you can travel the world without worrying about the bloody mess. You will not have a headache trying to cope up with periods when traveling.

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