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Hiking In Malta: 5 Things You Need To Know

South of Italy, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, sits a tiny island holding one of the most diverse landscapes in all of Europe.

The island country of Malta is one of the most unique places to hike in all of Europe and affordable flights to the island come from almost every country in Europe.

A vast clear sea full of life underneath, top-tier sand beaches, towering coastal cliffs, breathtaking cityscapes, and great hills filled with vibrant agricultural sights and local culture.

Hiking In Malta

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I’ve lived in Malta for two years and have hiked just about every trail and coastline on the island. Without further ado, here are 5 things you need to know about hiking in Malta.

1. Some of the best hiking can be done on the west coast of the island

The west coast of Malta is my favorite on the island. You’ll notice life is slow to the West and the famous stretch of towering cliffs known as Dingli Cliffs is no different. Head out for an evening hike and majestic Maltese sunset viewing for maximizing the potential of the west coast.

2. Hike across the entire island in a weekend

That’s right – the island is so small, you could walk its entirety in a weekend. I’ve done it before and love to tell the story of when I hiked across an entire country! Wild camping is not only allowed on the island but its the only camping option.

Bring a tent and set up camp wherever you end up for a night and continue your cross-country hike in the morning. My hike along the entire west coast was around 54 kilometers in total.

3. Hike around the entire sister island of Comino in a matter of hours

The island is relatively unexplored by the rest of the world and that makes it one of the best places to hike in solitude. With only one local inhabitant on the island, you’ll rarely run into another soul – especially after all the tourist day-trippers go home.

See some awe-inspiring cliffs, crystal clear water, and, of course, the world-renown Blue Lagoon that makes the island a popular spot for all tourists.

4. See the best hiking on the island of Gozo

Gozo, just a short ferry ride from the northernmost part of Malta is the largest sister island of Malta’s archipelago.

With only a small percentage of the population, Malta has, its calm environment could very well be the best place to get a full taste of Maltese culture. Not to mention its great cliffs, flashy colors, and relaxing beaches – there aren’t many better combinations that will make as great.

5. Trails are fairly unmaintained and wild

Sometimes, the trail you are following will end and it could get confusing – especially if you’re not following the coastline. Malta is a beautiful place with lovely local people who are willing to show you around. Don’t be afraid to ask a local for directions and you never know what experience may come of it.

Malta and its vast landscapes are one of the best-kept secrets in Europe and its Mediterranean culture is sure to keep you coming back to the island for more. Good thing there’s plenty of hikes to go on upon each return.

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