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Hidden Wonders Of Egypt

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Egypt is a lot more than the traditional destination of pyramids.The package tourists mostly stick to a schedule of guides and travel to usual places in Egypt. They go for  Giza, Plauteur, Luxor. Places are identifiers of Egypt. But they don’t explain the unique and diverse history of Egypt. If you want to choose unconventional, then visit this hidden gems of Egypt. Think different and travel brilliantly. If you want to choose unconventional, then visit this hidden gems of Egypt. Think different and travel brilliantly.


Located in Alexandria this place screams mystery. It is an underground cemetery complex. It was one of the seven wonders in middle ages. It has it all to make your jaw drop. From spooky spiral staircases to pristine statues.  Here is just an added charm as it contains symbols representing Roman-Egyptian religious symbols. You will wonder why there is banquet hall in the cemetery. Did the ancients feed on dead? Relax. It was there to hold memorial meals for the deceased. Take a walk six feet under to witness famous catacombs of Kom-al-shoqafa.

113KOM EL SHOQAFA CATACOMBS by Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD CC BY-SA 3.0


Ever heard of the queen and kept a serpent on her bosom committing suicide. That queen was Cleopatra of Egypt. Cleopatra in her time used to take a bath inside a cavern on Marsa Matrouth. The best thing about is how water from Mediterranean sea sways in and out of this cave .water hits the rocks.Pooling inside the cavern.It remains fresh. So refreshing to take a bath.


This is like coming home for all adventure sports lovers. Those who are a fan of trekking can tie up their laces and start up from the floors. It is not easy to climb this large chunk of land but the view waiting for you at the top of Sinai is a million dollar one. You just can’t miss it. On your ascent, you will meet Bedouins with their camels. Their dress up mirrors the rich cultural heritage of Egypt. Tired of seeing historical places in Egypt?This will refresh you and may give you a sore muscle or two.


With a touch of ethereal, the ecosystem here is unique. The Jebel Elba was also known as “mist oasis”  receives precipitation in the form of mist giving it an otherworldly look. Travelers who are looking for adventure can also visit Elba National Park and Wadi al Jemal national park. Wadi is third largest wadi draining to Red sea. If you think Egypt is only golden sands, this place will prove you wrong. Come travel, explore, and discover the mysteries of the ancient Egypt. Find the unconventional. Because wanderers often stumble upon treasures.



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