In Bangkok, there are three kinds of taxis, two of which you are not likely to see in American or European cities. In addition to regular car taxis, you will see motorbike taxis, which can be shocking at first. However, if you live there for a while, you will get used to them. Then you won’t feel shocked seeing a woman sitting on the back seat of a motorcycle with her legs crossed, talking on the phone or applying makeup.

The other unique type of Thai taxi transportation is the tuk-tuk. It doesn’t have a meter, so it is usually over-priced. Plus, it is not as comfortable as a cab. Tourists often use tuk-tuks once or twice for a unique travel experience. However, if you are on a small budget, there are more reasonable ways to get around Bangkok:


Walking doesn’t sound appealing to you? Bangkok street food markets and shopping facilities are sure to change your mind. Enjoy fried mocha balls or fresh spring rolls while exploring the streets of Bangkok. The best time to take a walk in Bangkok is in the evening when the streets transform into a crazy sidewalk shopping and eating extravaganza.


The SkyTrain is a fast and convenient way to get around Bangkok at a reasonable fare. It is an elevated train, which runs above ground through the central business districts. The SkyTrains offer a fascinating view of the city. However, they are not friendly to disabled people. Typically you can only access the stations by stairs and escalators; only a few stations have elevators. 

In addition to the SkyTrain, there is a Subway, which gives passengers the opportunity to access more areas of the city. There are interchange stations where you can exchange from the Subway to SkyTrain and vice versa. Both the SkyTrain and a subway cost 15 to 40 baht, depending on the zone. You can also get an unlimited pass for a day, which costs 120 baht. Tickets and cards are sold at the counters or from automatic machines. You can also recharge your current card there with any amount of money you need. 


Bangkok buses are convenient, cheap and comfortable. Plus, you will be able to do some sightseeing while riding. However, it may be hard for you to understand their schedule and routes.city_bus-bangkok-street-stairs

The bus costs 7 to 22 baht, depending on the distance, and you pay the fare after boarding. Day buses run from 5 am to 11 pm; night buses run 24 hours a day. Don’t forget to have some change for the ticket, as the fare collectors may not have any.


If you enjoy boat cruises, you will like the Chao Phraya River ferry, which travels from the grandeur of gilded buildings to dilapidated river houses on stilts. If you take a river boat, you will be able to see a different side of Bangkok. One ride is 10 to 29 baht, depending on the distance and boat type (regular or express). An unlimited day pass is 150 baht. Mostly, they collect the fare after boarding, but sometimes they can do it before. In this case, you will get the receipt for boarding. Ferries operate from 6:15 am to 7 pm. Unless it is an express ferry, it stops at every docking station at both sides of the river. Plus, taking the ferry is an excellent way to avoid traffic jams. The ferries can get crowded, especially in the evening.

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