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    I need vacation tips for Medellin. Advice please.

    My goal each year is to travel at least one foreign city or country. This year I’m making plans to visit Medellin. A friend who went to a romance singles tour there suggested it. He’s given me a couple of tips here and there, but I need more details from experienced people, or even some locals.

    I haven’t reserved or booked anything yet. So, I’ll be needing tips for that too. Where do I get the cheapest yet okay accommodation, with airport transfers preferably. Another thing is that I also need suggestions for the places to see. Should I get a guide?

    I’ve been to Cancun, Cuba, and the Bahamas the previous years so I’ve learned a couple of Spanish/Portuguese words already. I need more tips for my vacation plans. Thanks ahead for your replies.

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    If you are visiting Medellín then you will definitely enjoy. I had a visit last time and that was a really great trip. I visited some places which are really good and i suggest you try. Places like Laguna de Guatape, Medellin Metrocable, Escaleras Electricas, Parque Explora and many more places are there. And as you have mentioned you can book tickets to those places online as well. Online travel sites offer best travel services as well as great discounts on bookings for which you can get help at Rezeem.



    I was surprised when I visited Armenia, you should totally add it to the list. The culture is so rich and the national cuisine is so unique. The mountain lovers will love this country as well because nature there is fascinating. And it’s cheap! Unlike the Europe mountains resorts like Switzerland or some Germany parts. There’s also an opportunity for visiting nearby countries because they are small. And sometimes some soviet atmosphere might be felt because it is a former Soviet country. To make sure I visit and all the sings that need to be seen I’m always asking some local tours for help. That time it was and they did pretty well.



    Agreed with amira.khanam1, you will surely going to enjoy your trip when you visiting there. It is the second-largest city in Colombia. it hosts a famous annual Flower Festival. Modern metrocables link the city to surrounding barrios and offer views of the Aburrá Valley below.



    • Enjoy some chupitos at Parque Lleras.
    • Medellin Tuk Tuk Urban Expeditions.
    • Drop by a countless play house at El Pequeño Teatro.
    • Have a extra relaxed mid-week social night at Café Zorba.
    • Take on the Pub Crawl Paisa.
    • Find some alternate music at Cuchitril.



    Not long ago but I visited Dubai a month ago and now I’m planning to move to Dubai with my family in Oct 2019. I’ve booked 3 bedroom apartment for me and my family I would ask that Is it possible to rent an apartment in a private building without a residence permit. I know because I’ve done it through the company, they do monthly rentals without commission.

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