10 Synonymous Words for Travel Lovers

We often run out of words on what to say. It also happens when we talk about travel lovers or want to impress our nomadic friends. Are you tired of using the same old words? If so, today’s fun post is for you. 

Do you know what a person is called who loves to travel? Travel lover. Yes, but we all know that, and besides, that’s two words, not a one word noun.

Words for Travel Lovers

How about “Hodophile”. If you are saying, “what, a hodophile!” Yes, a hodophile is a person who loves to travel. Now, that’s certainly going to grab your friends’ attention next time you talk to them.

Below are the top 10 simple to pronounce words you should start using to enhance your regular travel vocabulary.

These are nothing like out-of-the-tongue kinda words but refreshing synonyms one should add to their day to day vocabulary.


Do you know anyone who loves to hop between countries? Or anyone who is a hardcore traveler? Anyone who leaves their tiny footprints across the various continents? Globetrotter is what you call them, and Globetrotting is their religion.


Few of us hate staying in one place. We are people of many lands who live to travel. Itinerant is an apt word for travel lovers who have got a gypsy soul.

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Many times we say, let’s hit the road! That is exactly what roadies do, but they accompany bands or musicians and travel in a group. In recent time though, the term has become more generalized and biking groups can be also called Roadies.


Wandering around might get old after a few days, why not use roving around for a change? Become a Rover aka Travel Lover. 🙂

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“Catch flights, not feelings” is what the quote says, but what about after you get off the plane? Hop on a car, and move to your hotel, then what?

You need to walk around and discover the destination. All travel lovers are wayfarers in a way.




Nothing is permanent. And this world is massive to just live in a corner. People who make any place their home are in reality the Vagabonds – the daring nomads, adventurers, and travel lovers.

Also, you might have heard this quote from Saint Augustine of Hippo: “The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”


Traveling alone is empowering. And when you are brave enough to take on the roads yourself you become a Solivagant. Wandering alone is an unadulterated bliss which travel lovers should try once.

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Travel Buff

Wisdom comes from experience and those who are travelers amass knowledge through traveling. That is what makes them the travel-buffs.


You don’t need an explanation for this word. It is as perfect as it comes. Hodophile – the very word for travel lovers. A Hodophile is “One who loves to travel.”

Grey Nomad

In Australia, a retired old man traveling in a motorhome or caravan is named as Grey Nomad. But why just use it in the context of an old man?

Nowadays the travel lovers who live a nomadic life are often called “Grey Nomads.” (They may or may not have grey hairs though, Lol!)

What are some other words for travel lovers? Comment below and we’ll add to this list. We hope this post cheered you and brought you value. If yes, please share it with your globetrotting friends and tell them they are too young to be a grey nomad. (wink)

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24 thoughts on “10 Synonymous Words for Travel Lovers”

  1. Exploring new horizons is a passion for travel enthusiasts! This blog beautifully captures that wanderlust spirit. As we dream of global adventures, consider the convenience of Dubai to Bahrain cargo service for a seamless journey. A perfect blend of synonyms and practical tips for the avid traveler!

  2. I love this list of synonymous words for travel lovers! It’s a great way to add some variety and flair to your writing about travel.

    Here are a few comments on some of the words on the list:

    Hodophile: This is my favorite word on the list. It’s a relatively new word, and it perfectly captures the love of travel.
    Itinerant: This word has a bit of a romantic feel to it. It evokes images of wandering travelers and gypsies.
    Nomad: This word is also associated with wandering, but it has a bit of a more rugged and adventurous feel to it.
    Wanderer: This word is simple, but it’s also very evocative. It suggests a sense of curiosity and exploration.
    Wayfarer: This word is similar to wanderer, but it has a bit of a more poetic feel to it.
    I think all of the words on this list are great ways to describe travel lovers. I encourage you to use them in your writing and to share your love of travel with the world!

    Here is a bonus word for travel lovers: peregrine. It means a person who travels from place to place, especially one who takes long journeys. It’s a great word to use to describe someone who is always on the go and exploring new places.

    I hope you enjoy using these words to describe your love of travel!

  3. thank you for the great article and new terms! i learned quite a bit reading this.

    i’d like to say one thing because i just read an article teaching us about the word ‘gypsy’ and i felt it my duty to pass that along. i’m going to leave the website for you [Link Removed] and hope that you’ll read it with an open mind just as i did, and then pass along the teachings to your readers.

    thanks so much!!

  4. The worⅼd hopes for even more passionate writers like you ԝhо aren’t afraid to mention how they
    believe. Alwayѕ go after your heart.

  5. This article cⲟuldn’t be written any better! Looking ɑt this post rеminds me of my prеᴠious roommate!
    Fairly certain he’ll have a veгy good read on this blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello World.
    Soon I am planning to start a vlog channel on YouTube. As I like to travel alot.
    But I am bit confused for selecting the name of my Channel.
    I have some ideas like:
    Roam with Abhi
    Rover Abhi
    The Abhishek Shukla

    Can anyone give me suggestions about name?
    I will be very grateful.

    Thank you❤️💜

  7. Sir I shall be starting a Travel blog soon….need your suggession from you for name. Uncommon sweet short name with one or two words

    1. Hi Samiran, that is wonderful! If you are planning to share your own travel stories, then keep the name of the blog as your own name, so it has a personal touch to it. For example, Samiran’s Travel Tales, Samiran Travels, Samiran’s Journey, Samiran on the Move, Samriran’s Adventure, etc. Also, you can research into broader themes such as: Tales from my Travels, Travel Tales, Lost Somewhere, Nomad Samiran, To Nowhere and Everywhere, Born to Travel, Exploring Planet Earth, Travel Muse, Lost Somewhere, etc. Hope these words and themes help you find a unique yet catchy name. Good luck and all the best!

  8. I used to read pieces of writing in newspapers but now as I am a user of the web therefore from now, I am using the net for finding new articles, thanks to web.

  9. Hi there, I love your list of words defining people that love travel. I am starting a personal blog about living abroad and have linked your page. I’m enjoying reading your stories. Happy posting!

  10. I am a digital nomad , but now i’ll have a diversity meanings for my job’s name .

    I’ll be more happy to discuss with you about my activity on travel passion .

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