Western Europe plays a significant role in the history of the world. The creation of the Byzantine Empire, the first waves of the Renaissance, the rise of Protestants and the French Revolution all started in Western Europe.

The onset of the World Wars followed by the Cold War divided the continent. Currently, there are nine countries which are included as a part of Western Europe. The nine countries are Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, and Luxembourg.

Where will you go first?

Austria is the land of mountains. The proximity to the Alps makes the mountainous terrain evident. The capital, Vienna, comes alive during the summers. Also, the summers are the peak time for visitors to conquer the heights of the Alps and visit the vibrant villages.

The Netherlands is nicknamed the country of Windmills. However, did you know that it is home to the International Court of Justice in Hague? Plus, the city of Amsterdam is one of the best cities to live in, across the globe.

Belgium lies close to the eastern European countries. It boasts of Gothic architecture, nouveau houses and an extensive royal history in Europe. You can take a beer tour or take part in the never-ending festivals during your stay.

A romantic getaway that pops into the mind of many is Switzerland. The rolling mountains of the Alps and Jura, plus the fresh breezes make it a romantic and adventurous destination.

The “numero uno” in travel is France. Whether it is the heights of the French Alps or the romance of Paris, its charm does not fail to woo travelers. Luxembourg is the priciest destination you will find in Western Europe.

Its location is in between Western and Central Europe. However, that position plays a huge role in the economy, placing it amongst the richest countries in the world.

Rail transport is extensive in Western Europe. You can reach nearly anywhere using a rail. Buses are not as comfortable as rails for long distance travel. Megabus can help you get around in a jiffy inside the cities.

Air connectivity will take you between countries. However, you need to choose the airlines wisely if you are on a budget.

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