In the opulent region of Île de France, lies Versailles. This is the famous Chateau built by the infamous King Louis XIV. At one time it was used as a hunting lodge. Now it has the royal castle in the center surrounded by sprawling gardens.


Chateau Versailles is an amalgam of many sites including Marie Antoinette’s estate, Grand Trianon, and there are also Grand Eaux Musicals every weekend. If you do not book online, each individual site will cost you more. It is better to buy a one day pass to the Chateau Versailles. The Paris Museum Pass can also act as an entry ticket to the Palace. Other structures worth visiting are Cathedral Saint-Louis, Hôtel de Ville, and Grand Trianon Castle.


Tickets for the various parts of the Chateau are available at the Chateau Versailles website. However, it costs more to book online than it does to buy a ticket upon entry. To reach the Chateau, take a train from the Saint-Lazare train station in Paris. The fastest and easiest way to reach Versailles is to take a bus on route 171. For more information on how to get around Paris, click here


Winters are not a good time to visit Versailles. Summertime (July- August) is an optimum time to visit the city. However, this is also the peak tourist season, so the palace will be very crowded. If you want to beat the crowds, then June is a beautiful time to visit. Entry fees are also comparatively lower during June.

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