Toulouse straddles the banks of the Garonne river. This fourth largest French city is in the Mid-Pyrenees region. The rich history of Toulouse has left its mark in the city’s architecture. Pink buildings make it ‘La Ville Rose’ of France. The city, once a trader of Indigo, now excels in the aviation sector.

Travelers will have no trouble visiting the various destinations. All of the major points are in proximity to each other. A tourist can walk around the historic center and see several of the attractions. Taking buses and trams can be a good option if you are traveling far between destinations. Taxis are not common, so we advise that you do not rely on them.

Toulouse has beautiful pseudo-Roman buildings in the small center. Hotel d’Assezat is a spectacular example of Roman architecture. Basilique Saint Sernin is without any doubt a French construction dating back to the 11th century. Les Augustins and Le Couvent des Jacobins are churches that now function as museums. They display paintings from the long gone era.

Epic bridges make the existence of Toulouse even more precious. Pont Neuf stretches across the Garonne river. Canal du Midi is respected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, as it is the link between the Garonne River and the Mediterranean. Airbus is a perfect place for aviation buffs who want to have a glimpse of aviation in Toulouse.

Getting Around

If you are traveling with your family, the City de l’Espace (Space City) is a theme park located just outside the city. A visit to Space City will be an entertaining trip for your children. In addition, you can enjoy a leisurely walk around the city center or take a boat ride on the Garonne River.

Solo travelers can contact +33 561 266 625 for hostel rooms (just outside the city). Even a budget hotel here can cost you a hefty price of $100. Icare Hotel and Aer Hotel are bothe two starred hotels that provide relatively good facilities.

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