From being under the rule of the Roman empire to that of the German empire, Strasbourg has been a historic capital of Alsace, France. The location of the city, near the Rhine river, makes it a most coveted region. It’s long and intense history has led to the construction of many remarkable monuments which are present in Grand Ȋle. Interestingly, Grand Ȋle is a small island that lies in the middle of Strasbourg. 

Getting around the city is easy and comfortable. The streets are pedestrian friendly. Plus, you can stroll through the historic squares or ride your bike. In addition, public transport can take you to destinations which are beyond walking distance.

Places to Visit

Near the Place de la Cathedrale you can visit the Tourism office. There you can book tours around the city, which are incredibly cheap. For example, One City Tours allows visitors to explore the city via Segway. You will be glad to hear that there is no entry fee to any cathedral or museum. Thus, the magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame In Grand Ȋle is a treat available to every visitor.

The cathedral, which is ten centuries old, harbors a three-hundred-year-old clock, which is still functional. Do not miss a chance to see the astrometric clock. Palais des Rohan, a palace turned into a museum, is an excellent place to study French archaeology.

Petite France is a historic part of town that lies between the two rivers in the city. This area sports a picturesque scenery and thus it is a photographer’s paradise. Near the Broglie tram stop, is the famous production house of Strasbourg. Plus, L’Opera showcases some promising talents. Your family can take a trip to Orangerie, a beautiful park in the city. Summer months and Christmas season are peak times for Strasbourg tourism. The market of Broglie and Place de la Cathedral are vibrant and lively during these periods of the year.

For backpackers, there are many hostels, where you can stay the night. Head to CIARUS (local hostel) or call +33 388455420. Families traveling on a budget can lodge in Hotel Hannong or Hotel Royal Lutetia both of which have a strategic location near the historic center.

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