Southwestern France shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean. This region is further divided into two sub-regions, Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees. The charming beaches and gorgeous pine forests of the two sub-regions contrast each other. However, the beauty of that contract attracts tourists who come here to bask in the glory of nature.

The Regions:

Aquitaine is a sub-region in the southwest region of France. Plus, this area shares a mountainous border with Spain. The hills give adventure seekers a chance to test their limits. Bordeaux is the major city in this region. Famous beach resorts like Leon, Soulac, and Euronat, offer comfort and efficiency. Incredible Castles like Chateau de Curton and Chateau de Roquetaillade await you.

Midi-Pyrenees covers a vast and mountainous land area. The historic Bridge of Cahors, Medieval town of Bastides, and the historical Museum of Albi all have their unique charm. Toulouse is the capital city in Midi-Pyrenees. Bagneres-de Bigorre is an exclusive town in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains. Plus, there is a luxurious spa where you can unwind after a hectic day of adventure sports. Lourdes is a historical and religious destination, which has numerous visitors in a year.

When you visit, you must taste the expertly cooked duck meat. Southwestern France is popular for its delicious duck meals. Bordeaux wines are also a must try when you are here. On a wine tour, you can taste a plethora of wines and pick your favorite.

In winter, the mountains are a mecca for winter sports. Cycle through the snow covered streets, or skate on the snowy slopes. Those who love to stretch their muscles can have a great time here. Besides Toulouse and Bordeaux, cities like Pau, Biarritz, and Bayonne are worth a visit. 

Buses and trains will help you get from one city to another. However, exploring the city on foot will give you a real sense for the region.

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