Seattle is a regal symbol of nature at its finest. This city is between the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains. Plus, the city is in the densely populated King County of Washington.

The richness of greenery is in every corner of the city; the modern skyscrapers do not diminish the beauty. Rather, the skyscrapers and green spaces come together to enhance the urban, yet natural beauty of Seattle.

Mosaic Districts

Numerous distinct neighborhoods exist throughout the city. First, there is the gay capital and party hotspot, Capitol Hill, or Central District. Plus, Capitol Hall is an economically mixed neighborhood. Most tourists visit downtown because this area has some incredibly impressive architectural specimens.

If your inner muse needs a wake-up call, Pioneer Square has beautiful art galleries to explore. Moreover, nature lovers will have an excellent time soaking in the beauty of Queen Anne Hill. Also, let’s not forget the famous Space Needle.

As you move south from downtown, there is the hidden gem, Georgetown. West Seattle has gorgeous scenery to wow any visitor. Beacon Hill might be the newest of neighborhoods, but it has fabulous restaurants, delightful parks, and elegant theaters that will engage you and your family.

Ballard has a waterfront that shows off the charm of Lake Washington. Also, it is a densely populated historical mecca. University District is an ideal location for students to enjoy the city. Fremont and Wallingford form a bold neighborhood with a hippie crowd. North Seattle is not a tourist’s hotspot because it is mostly residential buildings.

The Pike Place Market bustles with tourists. Walk around the outdoor and indoor markets to have a look at the oldest farmer’s market in the U.S. If you cannot afford to ride up the Space Needle, at least you can have a glimpse at the iconic landmark of Seattle. Art museums are plentiful. For example, the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, and Burke Museums are each a must visit.

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