The cultural hub of Pune attracts a young crowd. It is a city of contradictions. The Pataleshwar Caves stand from the fifth century, and on the other hand, the Pune International Film Festival in January gives the city a modern vibe.


The airport in Pune is a military base, and it caters mostly domestic flights; the only international flights are to Dubai and Frankfurt. It takes about an hour to reach the city from the airport. There is an exhaustive network of railways connecting Pune to all the key cities including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai. Buses also play a significant role in short distance travel. However, trains and planes are the best means of transportation. 


The student population in Pune dominates. Consequently, there are tons of festivals held in Pune every year. The Osho Festival and the Pune International Film Festival are crowd pleasers. January, February, and March bring tolerable temperatures and exciting festivals to town.


History of the Peshwas is rich in Pune. Museums such as Darshan Museum and Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum and monuments like Shanivar Wada and Aga Kha Palace treasure this history. Also, there is the Bund Garden where there are boats, horses to ride and hot street food to taste. Picnic spots like Diveagar, take 5 hours to reach from Pune. Other spots include Rajmachi, a beautiful historic village set amongst the greenery that is popular for trekking and Malshej Ghat, a popular hill station.


Backpackers can not get a budget location unless they book it ahead of time. Sumangal Youth Hostel gives you a clean bedroom with sunrise and sunset views at only 800 INR. If you participate in the Osho Festival, then Living Beautifully is the resort for you. ‘

For those who want a bit more comfort, Deccan is an excellent choice for foreigners. Unlike at other hotels, couples can book rooms here; it has a gym, restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and free transfers at only $15- $20. But luxury hotels like The Central Park Hotel and Hotel Studio Estique are in a league of their own.

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