This page contains lists of extreme places and other destinations that do not necessarily belong to any continent or a particular travel topic. But these destinations as noteworthy (and fun to explore) just as much as Paris or New York City.

This is where the real adventure beings!

Extreme Places

North Pole

South Pole

Oceans and Seas



Arctic Region


Outer Space


Space and The Universe

Space Travel

Time Travel

Other Destinations

Lost Cities

Lost Lands

Afterlife Destinations

Fantasy Worlds

Mythological Places

World Famous Ruins

Holy Lands

Famous Archaeological Sites

World Heritage Sites


Islands (Blog Topic)

Island nations

Islands of the Arctic Ocean

Islands of the Atlantic Ocean

Islands of the Caribbean

Islands of the Indian Ocean

Islands of the Pacific Ocean

Islands of the Southern Ocean

Phantom Islands


Once In A Lifetime Trip

Ultimate Travel Bucket List

UNESCO Sites in the US

US Biosphere Reserves

US National Monuments

US National Parks

50 US Highpoints

100 Largest US Cities

World’s Largest Cities

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