Notre Dame is a bold example of French gothic architecture which survived the French Revolution. It is one of the greatest church buildings in the world, and it treasures the holy pieces of the “Crown of Thorns,” one of the holy nails and a piece of the true cross.


There are metro stations close to Notre Dame including Citè and St. Michel Notre Dame. From here take a walk to Notre Dame or a tour bus. If you drive yourself, once you reach Michigan Street it is easy to make it the rest of the way to Notre Dame. From Michigan Street go to Angela Boulevard which is just 2 miles away. Via Angela Boulevard you will reach Eddy Street where you can park your vehicle.


Summer in Paris is peak tourist season, so unless you ditch the summer crowd and choose a lazy tourist month you can’t see Notre Dame properly. During October, the waiting lines thin out and the sun sets later in the evening. Reach the lines before 8:30 am, so that you do not need to wait long for tickets. If morning is not a comfortable option for you, then enjoy the sunset in the evening around 5:45 pm.


Other than gawking at the gothic interiors you can also climb the cathedral towers. Your climb starts at the North Tower. The enclosed staircase is not ideal for visitors with claustrophobia. After around 400 steps you can see a gift shop as well as the famous Esmeralda’s Cell from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There are a few steps that lead you to the top of North Tower from where there is a walkway connecting to the South Tower. Here there is excellent opportunity to click pictures of the grotesque gargoyles. In the South Tower, you can see the Emmanuel Bell before making your descent.


Paris uses Type E sockets, so buy a travel adapter that fits that type. The standard voltage is 230 V, so you may also need a voltage converter to make your devices work.  

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