Northern France is the area north of the capital of the country. It has many pieces of evidence of the World War. Those who are interested in history can come and take a look at the various sites. Its top attractions may be the historical sites.

The secluded sandy beaches lined along Equihen-Plage and Marshlands provide an incredible scenic view, however. You can get sun-kissed on beaches or rowboats here while you enjoy the biodiversity.

Nord-Pas-de-Calais is the area which has Vimy, a world war town, and a chocolate workshop for chocoholics. There are caves at Naours.

Normandy shares its border with the English Channel. That is the reason it has coastal towns and harbors like Honfleur. The calm waters of the coast softly hit the shores, which act as a great backdrop for quaint villages. Normandy is a beautiful region, where many impressionists created their works. Rouen is a fascinating city with beautiful architecture, where Joan of Arc met her last moment of the life. Honfleur is a magnificent little town on the shore of La Manche.

If you are into impressionism, and the works of Claude Monet particularly, you can visit Giverny, the small town in Normandy, where he lived and created the majority of his paintings. You will easily recognize the Japanese bridge, the lilies, and the garden. The best time to come is from April until October, when you can admire the flourishing beauty of the place. 

Picardy is another northern part. It has many memorials and ruins from World War II while retaining the beauty of grand castles and medieval palaces. The town of Chantilly can be a quiet getaway. The Asterix amusement park should be your first stop when you are in this area of Northern France.

On the Northeastern area are the famous lost cities of Alsace and Lorraine, which played an important role in the war. Alsace has the famous city of Strasbourg. It has impressive vineyards that will compel you to take a wine tour. Take a river cruise to visit the eco-museum.

In the region of Lorraine, there are cities like Nancy and Metz. Visit the ruins of world war or indulge in partying with the lively student population. Champagne-Ardenne is the historical place where Champagne was first created. The scenic countryside, dotted with exquisite castles, make it a serene environment.

Franche–Comte is in the northeast area. It sports the important city of Belfort. The gushing streams or the cascading falls make this region a queen of water sports. You can act like a careless backpacker here. Pitch your tent anywhere you want, and you are good to go.

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