Nantes is the most important city of the Pays de la Loire region of France. It abounds in history from the time of Napoleon. It also has a closely woven history with Brittany. You can find many Chateaus and Cathedrals from the medieval era. A traveler can also visit the monuments and relax on the nearby beach.

Public transport works fluently in Nantes. Trams are reliable and cheap. You can also cycle through the pedestrian lanes. Nantes Metropole rents bikes. Taxis are affordable, but you can’t find them often.

Cathedral Saint Pierre is a religious monument of importance. Along with it, there is La Chapelle de I’ Oratoire, which is a campus of both church and castle. Chateaus include the elegant Chateau des Duc de Bretagne. Le Cours Cambronne may not be a chateau but is an excellent collection of buildings.

Want to try out what it felt to shop in the nineteenth century? Head to Le Passage Pommeraye, which is an old shopping mall. But if you fancy dining somewhere classy, Place du Bouffay has hoards of gourmet restaurants and pubs to entertain you.

Museums exhibits show the art and culture of Nantes. The Musee des Beaux-Arts, the Jules Verne Museum and the Musee Thomas Dobree are the main museums in Nantes. There are some exquisite architectural neighborhoods in the city. The La place Mellinet and Ile Feydeau display gorgeous artwork on the eighteenth-century buildings.

La Baule is an exotic beach town. You can escape here for a while if you love salt and sea. Staying at hotels can be expensive in France. That’s why we suggest looking at affordable hostels which suit your budget range. Camping grounds in Petit Port or Youth Hostel are good options for backpackers. Family travelers can book rooms in Matthews Holidays, Hotek Kyriad Nantes Centre, and Hotel Pommeraye.

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