The Indian city, Mysore, is a city of contradictions. Remains from the Wodeyar dynasty and colonial churches coexist alongside fast growing IT and BPO (Business Processing Outsource) firms. Not only will you enjoy the famous Chamundi Statue, but you will also love the modern shopping center of the city.


The Mysore and Bangalore Airports are the two places you will want to arrive. Tourist cabs and bus services are available to major tourist landmarks from both airports. Rickshaw drivers may try to cheat you, so it is better to take tourist cabs.


The crown of glory in Mysore is Mysore Palace. Glamor and Grandeur molded into one, the palace boasts opulent rooms, large rosewood doors, and intricate ivory carvings. The Chamundi Hills are also home to many myths. It is widely known that the goddess Chamundi brought an end to the demon Mahishasura on this very hill. You can hike the hill and see the great statue dedicated to the goddess’ victory.

On your way back, stay at the Lalit Mahal Palace, a luxurious five-star hotel. Pamper yourself with British high tea. Datta Peetham is a tea-lovers peaceful escape. This ashram is home to a broad range of herbs, including tea, that you can purchase. Karanji Kere is where you should go with your partner. The dark green waters and lush green landscape provide a scenic backdrop that kindles romance.

Go with your kids to the famous Mysore Zoo. For more than 120 years, it has bred and conserved wild animals.

St. Philomena’s Church is a colonial period building. It is one of the first churches in the country to have stained glass windows.

Tap into your artistic side by taking a tour of Jagmohan Palace and Art Gallery. Brindavan Gardens have graceful fountains which flow to a musical rhythm. Take in the many sight beautiful sights around you in Mysore. 

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