Monaco’s official name is the Principality of Monaco. It is a country in Western Europe. It borders France on three sides, while the other side being the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The area of Monaco is around 2 km2, which makes it the second smallest country in the world by area.

The population is around 38,000 people, making it the most densely populated country in the word. The people of the country are the Monacan. Monaco is a city of the rich, and around 30% of the population here is made up of millionaires. Prince Albert II is the current head of state and holds a lot of political power. The official language spoken here is French. Other common languages are present too. The main religion that the people practice is Roman Catholicism.

Major international festivals and parties get hosted in Monaco. As such, it tends to be an amazing tourist place. The major international events, which take place in Monaco, are the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, Monaco International Auto Show, and Monte-Carlo Television Festival. The country is also popular among travelers for its large gambling industry.

Despite the small size, Monaco has many cultural facilities. For example, one of them is the National Museum of Contemporary Visual Art at the National Museum of Monaco. There are also opera house, classical ballet company and a symphony orchestra.

The currency used here is Euro. Currency exchange is available in most banks, post offices, as well as in large stores, train stations, airports and exchange offices. Hotels and shops cannot accept foreign currency, according to the law, so you can’t pay in dollars. However, credit cards of most international systems are acceptable widely. Also, the ATMs machines are widespread. However, even in cities, it is better always to have some cash on you.

You can get around by taxi or by bus. There are also multiple car rental facilities, available online as well. Booking in advance via the Internet can even be cheaper for you. 

In Monaco, they use the European socket of type F. The standard voltage is 127V or 220V.

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