Marseille, the second largest city in France is a beautiful quilt of the variety of cultures. It is rich in ethnic diversity that it will make any traveler go red-eyed. Set up by the Phoceans and populated by the Comorian, Marseille has something for each kind of traveler. You won’t be disappointed if you skip Paris for Marseille. Seriously, no exaggeration here!

The old town center is full of colorful markets and gorgeous fjords jutting out into the sea. It will just blow your mind. This place is gorgeous.

The beautiful scenery is best discovered on a bicycle, but the problem lies in the lack of cycle paths. Taxi drivers can charge you an exorbitant amount of money. It is better if you opt for public transport like the bus or the trams.

The magnificent view Palais de Pharo from Vieux port, among the lively atmosphere of the stock auction, is magical. Marseille also has a Notre Dame which is a church. This old church located near Vieux port, where fishermen used to pray for their boats.

La Plaine and Le Cours Julien are areas where your whole family can have a great time. You can shop in the trendy shops, your children can play in nearby parks, and you can go for a family lunch at the restaurants.If we are talking about the park in Marseille Parc Borely is the best.

Longchamp castle and Avenue is also a many-in-one tourist spot. You can visit the Longchamp castle and the museum as well. Unite de’Habitation is also an arena where you can shop, eat and have the stunning view of the nearby sea at a rooftop restaurant.

Art buffs can end up in Le panier, where there is Vielle Charite, host to art events. Stade Velodrome is a mecca for football lovers. The azure sea provides many ivory white beaches to visitors. Corniche, Catalans, and Point-Rouge are typical beaches in Marseille.

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