“Biker’s Paradise” is a title reserved only for the town of Leh. The town is a part of the Ladakh District, a secluded part of India in the Jammu and Kashmir state. There are not many sites in the city that attract tourists. But the hilly terrain, frozen landscapes, and serene atmosphere call to all the wanderers.


Reaching Leh involves dangerous roads and possibly altitude sickness. If you are traveling from Delhi, then take a flight to Srinagar and rest a day. After that, when your body gets used to the altitude, head for Ladakh. There are also bus tours from Manali to Leh. However, the best way to arrive is by riding a bike. Rent a bike at Bike Rentals Manali, and explore the scenic route. It takes hardly three days to reach Leh by bike, just the same as by bus! Jeeps allow you to reach Leh within a day, but then you risk getting altitude sickness. Make sure you take breaks to help avoid altitude sickness. Getting sick can quickly ruin a trip. 


Remember that Leh is in the northern part of India and thus, during winter months the roads fill with snow. It becomes very difficult to travel on the roads. The snow begins to melt in April. Plan your trip in May or June because even when summer hits temperatures in Leh are still bearable.


In Old Town, you will discover historic buildings which stand unguarded such as the Palace of the King of Ladakh, also known as the Palace of Leh. If nature is more your cup of tea, then try camping near the Pangong Tso Lake, beneath the stars.

This trip is one of the best experiences a nature lover can have in India. Or visit Nubra Valley, where you can ride Bactrian Camels off into the Hundar Sand Dunes. After all these adventures, visit the Magnetic Hill, a spooky site for adventurers. Bike, car, or dune buggy, no matter the vehicle once you reach the hill, the magnetic field defies gravity and pulls you up. Leh also abounds in monasteries and temples including Soma Gompa and Karma Dupgyud Choeling, which are Buddhist shrines.

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