“The Best of all Hill Stations in South India”- Kodaikanal is a haven for nature lovers. When the misty clouds dance over the green forests, and the star-shaped Kodai lake reflects the scenery, nothing could be better. South India attracts droves of tourists due to its natural beauty. But Kodaikanal, also known as Kodai, tops them all.


There are nearby airports in Pondicherry and Coimbatore. You can take a flight from Delhi or Mumbai to both airports. After reaching Pondicherry, or Coimbatore book a cab to Kodaikanal. A cab without air conditioning costs 8.75/km and Kodaikanal is 172 km away from Coimbatore. Thus, it costs about 1600-2000 INR. There are also bus services running to Kodaikanal from nearby cities. Furthermore, trains stop at Kodaikanal Junction.


Kodai is a hill station, but the crowds flock there during the monsoon season. From June to August, there are tourists everywhere. The scenery comes alive as the rain falls gently upon the hills. Ditch the crowds and visit between December and March. The winter season brings cool temperatures and misty clouds in excess. Whereas, the summer season is a pleasant time to visit because the rest of the country is scorching hot while Kodai is a heavenly oasis. 


Book a hotel near Kodai Lake. You can take a leisurely walk to the club; it takes only twenty minutes from  Hotel Wood Palace ( that is where i stayed) . After having an exciting experience of cycling, horse-riding, and boating in the lake, head to Museum in Laws Ghat. A nine-minute walk from Hotel Wood Palace and you will arrive at Bear Shola Falls, a picturesque destination with a waterfall cascading down the steep rocks, a perfect spot for photography in Kodaikanal. The rocks are steep to climb, so prioritize your safety. Bryant Park is like the Botanical Garden in Ooty, just smaller in size, but a mecca for photographers all the same.

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