Kochi is the port city located in the state of Kerala. It was the first place where the British and Portuguese settled in India. The location of the city makes it appropriate to be a port. South India holds many ports, but Kochi is the gateway of trade in South India.

Things To Do In Kochi

Travelers have a lot to do here. It has old palaces, colonial buildings, trade markets, golf courses, beaches and other interesting things.

When India was colonized, an island was made during the reign of Lord Willingdon. This island is the home of the naval base of South India. From Mattancherry to Fort Kochi, there is a sprawling trade centered settlement. Walk through the spice markets and try some local food or look at the Anglo-Dutch buildings.

A luxury holiday in Kochi is available in Bolgatty Island. It has a palace converted which has been converted into a five-star hotel. Of course, this place has everything to pamper you, starting from the golf course to marina.

Kochi can’t exist without fishing. The Ancient Chinese gifted fishing nets to cement a trading relationship with the port. You can see the fishing nets at the Fort Kochi Bus Stand. Vypin Island and West Kochi are densely populated with the fishing community. You can taste fresh seafood and snap some gorgeous nature photography.

Kochi was the birthplace of many great maharajas. The Hill Palace Museum is open from 10:00 AM – 4:30 AM. There are 16 galleries which have preserved artifacts, glorifying the past of the city.

Cherai beach might be your last stop, to get a bit of a tan before you go home.

The British first settled here. There is some evidence of this, like the Anglican churches and bungalows that prove it. The Santacruz Basilica and the St Francis Church are both open from seven in the morning to seven in the evening.

David Hall, a former bungalow, is now used for cultural performances. Every destination sports a street which deserves a stroll. For instance, Princess Street holds a European Vibe dotted with quirky galleries, cozy cafes, and chic shops.

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