“God’s Own Country” is the name to which Kerala very admirably lives up to. Aromatic spices tickle your nostrils amidst the scent of stunning backwaters. May it be medical tourism or eco-tourism, Kerala outsmarts all Indian states when it comes to tourism. 


Kerala has three international airports namely, Kochi International airport, Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, and Kozhikode International Airport. To reach your destination, you can also take a train. There is an extensive rail network with approximately 500 trains running to and from the state.


The reason for your visit determines when you should plan your trip. If you are visiting in for medical reasons (ayurvedic treatments), then the monsoon season, June – August, is perfect. If you are traveling for eco-tourism then the winter months, November – February, are ideal. Summers are scalding hot, but if you are near the coast, there will be minimal humidity. 


Try boating in Astamudi Lake. Throughout the state, there are several backwaters to indulge your boating wishes. If you visit in August, then participate in Vallam Kali – the Canoeing festival.
It is not just the waters that provide you respite from the heat but also the Blue Hills of Nilgiris.

Many favorite hill stations are quaint towns perched in the bosom of Nilgiris. They include Munnar, Wayanad, Anamudi, Kumarakom, and Ranipuram.

The lush green vegetation is no doubt home to thriving wildlife. Wayanad Reserve, Periyar National Tiger Park, Chennai Wildlife Sanctuary, and Thattekkad Salim Rajan Bird Park showcase this natural beauty.

The tropical coastline with the Andaman Sea gifts Kerala with gorgeous sandy beaches such as Varakala Beach, Kovalam Beach, Kollam beach, and Muzhappilangadu.

Many religious sites are spread throughout the states ranging from temples to churches. Temples like Sabarimala and Guruvayoor; churches like Paliankara, Kottakavu; and mosques like Cheraman Palli (oldest mosque in India) and Kanjiramattom are symbols of the religious diversity in Kerala.

The religious harmony of the state leads to many festivals in grand scale for X-mas, Onam (August- September), Thrissur Poonam, etc.

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