The spiritual center and the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari, has pages of unwritten history. India is a peninsula, and Kanyakumari is the point where three bodies of water, the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the India Ocean converge. The serenity of Kanyakumari gets lost in the crowds, so it is important to know the best time to visit. 


Kanyakumari does not have an airport; the closest airport to the city is Thiruvananthapuram Airport. There is also another airport in the nearby state capital Chennai. Train networks join all the major cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, and Coimbatore to Kanyakumari. Also, car rental services let you rent a car by the day in the city.


Avoid visiting during the winter season (November- January) because the area gets pretty crowded. Amidst the bustle, the beauty of the city is lost. Travel to Kanyakumari during March, April, August or September if you do not mind monsoon showers. This is the off season so you can enjoy the quiet beaches and solitary temples.


One of the most popular sites to visit in Kanyakumari is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. Take a ferry to the rock; it only costs $2.5 USD (150 INR). After arriving, examine the “Holy Foot” and “Vivekananda Mandap.” Swami Vivekananda inspired many, and the center named after him, the Vivekanandapuram, still provides peace to many. The view of the sunset and sunrise is stunning from the center. Plus, there is lodging in the center.

If avoiding crowds is what you want to do, then a visit to Vivekanandapuram is your best bet. Not only did the known philosopher Vivekananda come here, but this place also bewitched Mahatma Gandhi. Because Gandhi loved this area so much, his ashes made their final home in Gandhi Mandapam, which is also in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Our Lady of Ransom Church has something unique to knock your socks off. They have a Virgin Mary clad in a traditional Indian saree (clothing). If sightseeing wears you out, the Baywatch amusement park is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Beaches like Vattakotta and Chothavilai frown upon nudity. Respect the culture, and enjoy the tranquil beaches.

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