Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is administered by Israel and claimed by both Israel and Palestine. Both of these countries claim Jerusalem as their capital. Although it may sound like a place of conflict, it is not. Sure, there is tension at the Israel-Palestine border, but you can tour and explore the city without any worry.

Jerusalem is an important destination for the Abrahamic religions followers. These are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The city has been attacked 52 times and destroyed twice. The city of David, which is a part of Jerusalem, dates back to the 4th century BC. Also, Suleiman the Magnificent built the walls, which now define the old city. There is a lot of history here. 

Among the top points of interest, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the holiest site in Judaism. There is a famous mosque, which has the name of Al-Asqa Mosque. This is where Muslims believe that Muhammed ascended to heaven. Also, the Christians believe that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is Jesus’s Crucifixion place. You can visit all of them.

Getting Around

The Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is situated 50 km away from Jerusalem. There are various airlines taking travelers to and from different countries and destinations. For example, the airlines flying from the USA include Delta, El Al, and United. However, El Al does not operate during Shabbat.

Inside the city, there is an efficient bus system. All routes start at the central bus station at 24 Jaffa Road. Tickets are available from the driver. Also, the bus number 99 has a route specially designed for tourists and operates on a hop on, hop off basis. There is also a light rail, which runs through the heart of Jerusalem.

You can hire one of the multiple taxis available, rent a car or just ride a bicycle. Despite the heavy traffic, cycling is a popular way of transportation in Jerusalem. A bike share scheme has even been planned for 2017.

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