Jaipur is the city draped in pink and therefore is well known as the Pink City. This unique idea was formed during the visit of Prince Wales. Till now tourists from all around the globe flock to the royal city of India.

Flamboyant forts treasure years of history. Jaipur, in India, is the city of colorful palaces and mighty Rajas. When you step into the golden sands of the epic city, you will be taken back in time. The opulent Amber Fort stands tall after all these years.

Perfectly planned streets and pink colored houses give the city an undeniable charm. You will be amazed of the sheer magnificence of Jaipur. Enjoy your stay here as you ride on the golden sands on back of camels.

Capital City of Rajasthan

The capital of Rajasthan was named after the great ruler Jai Singh, who built the Amber fort and the city surrounding it. He was in alliance with the Mughals during the start of his reign. Because of this, you can easily see the Mughal influence on the Amber fort. You can take the elephant ride up the fort. That’s guaranteed to make you feel royal!

Things To Do In Jaipur

There is no scarcity of forts in Jaipur. The Jal Mahal is another answer for the extravagant history of the city. This royal city has a brilliant collection of ancient but well-preserved and well-maintained palaces. You can visit the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Breeze) and Jal Mahal (Palace of Water), the top two attractions.

Amber Fort

Amber Fort is the supreme monument in Pink City. This part of the city is old and holds many royal palaces which are worth a visit. Walking through the opulent corridors, you can feel the desert winds blowing. A ride to Amber Fort on an Elephant back might cost you around $15 USD. Wrap up your trip with an entertaining show portraying the royal history of Jaipur in Amber Fort.

Jaigarh Fort

Another remarkable fort in Jaipur is the Jaigarh Fort. You can swoon over the scenic charm of the surrounding hills. If you want to know the brief history of the airport, you can hire a tour guide. Nahargarh Fort completes the trio of forts. It might be tiny but provides the gorgeous view of lakefront.

City Palace

City Palace occupies the prominent part of the pink city and is also an amalgam of Hindu and Mughal architecture. There are many places to see here, the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Diwan-e- Aam, Diwan-e –Khas.

Moti Doongari

Moti Doongari sits on top of Pearl Hill. It was built way ahead of Amber Fort and City Palace. The Monkey Temple, the Marble Temple, and the Govind Devji temple are expressions of the religious beliefs of the locals.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is a quirky destination for those who crave a unique experience. This observatory was built by none other than the intelligent emperor Jai Singh. You can go to Jantar Mantar (a collection of open sky theme architectural astronomy instruments). It is open from 9:00- 4:00 pm. Entry fee will cost you $3 USD.

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is another architectural specimen of Jaipur. It is built in such a way that allows the Palace to cool naturally through the use of winds.

Ethnic suits, metal jewelry, gemstones and spicy food, are displayed right in front of your eyes at all the Bazaars. You are going to love typical Jaipuri shopping.

When in Jaipur you can’t miss the exotic bazaar selling daily ware, artifacts metal jewelry, textiles and many more items.

Getting Around

Getting around the city with the help of auto is appropriate. Taxis are comparatively safe. Taxis can be used to move around, but they are expensive. You can rely on the drivers for your safety. Auto rickshaws are cheap, but if it is too hot, we advise that you take a taxi.

If you want to save money, you can travel by bus. Visit this website which can help you know the bus routes in Jaipur. Have an ethnic experience by riding the cycle rickshaw. This transport can only be seen in India.

How to Get Here

Jaipur Airport is situated in the satellite town of Sanganer and offers sporadic (chartered) service to London and Dublin. Direct flights to Singapore, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Muscat and Dubai are also available.There is an excellent bus service between Jaipur to Delhi by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) with buses approximately every half an hour in both directions.

There is also an efficient railway service. There are three major railway stations: Jaipur Junction (main station), Durgapura and Gandhinagar (Jaipur) — which is not to be confused with the Gandhinagar that is the capital city of the state of Gujarat. All trains stop at Jaipur Junction and a few trains stop at Durgapura and Gandhinagar stations also.

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