Israel was established in the year 1948. Since then it has tried to make peace with Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. It shares the border with Syria and Lebanon on the north. Sadly, the animosity between these countries continues.

That said, Isreal is the center of many major world’s religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Bahaism.

The capital city of Jerusalem is the meeting point for Christian, Muslims, and Jews. Tel Aviv is known for its hiking trails and also for its Bauhaus architecture. Akko is a world heritage site. Eilat is the popular beach capital of Israel. Nazareth is the Holy city of Christians.

Nature’s gems in Israel are also worth exploring. There are both the Gaza Strip and Egypt to the southwest. On the east, there is the Dead Sea and the Jordan River. You cannot drown in the Dead Sea even if you don’t know to swim.

Ein Avdat can be your hiking destination. Caesarea National Park will take you back to the ancient Roman times. The Ramon crater in Negev desert is a sight to behold. Sea of Galilee is an ancient lake and also known as the home of Jesus.

Things To Do In Israel

A country, which symbolizes history and religions, is worth a visit! Israel portrays the image of the trinity of religions. It was the home of three beliefs: Jewish, Christianity and Islam.

You would think it is all about historic sites and pilgrimages. But Israel has so much more to offer to you. Enjoy the new taste of Israel.


Did you know that it is the lowest place on the earth? The density of water here is more than your body. That is the reason you cannot drown here. It is a dream of those who hate swimming. They can lounge on the water without fear. Floating on the aqua-marine waters you can view the stunning sunset around the Negev Desert.


The city represents a mixture of modern and tradition. It is the launch pad for many activities. You can head to Mount Carmel from here as well as explore Nazareth. If you want to have a day here, you can enjoy shopping. The Baha’ I Gardens are green terraces which roll down the hills. A day here will be refreshing.


This gorgeous city speaks for modern Israel. Elegant boutiques and top-notch restaurants will make you craved for luxury. Sandy white beaches will help you relax in the sun amidst the calm blue waters. Near the city, you can head to Jaffa- which is an important port. Museums and art galleries abound the corners of the city.


The legendary Sea of Galilee is mentioned in Holy Scriptures. It would be magnificent just to have a glorious view of it. You can take a dip here as well as trek alongside the incredible scenery surrounding the sea. If religious instincts sink in then, you can have a trip of the Tabgha churches. The hot pools are also the main attraction in Tiberias.


Jerusalem has been a favorite city throughout history. The sandy colored houses are perfectly crowned by the golden Dome of the Rock. You will be intrigued by the narrow alleyways and religious sites. The City of Gold not only offers you a beautiful reflection up close but its panoramic view is awe-inspiring. Trek through the Jerusalem hills or visit the Haas Promenade.


The site is not so well known among the tourists. Ramon crater was thought to be formed by a giant meteor crashing in the Negev desert. But no, the real reason behind the formation of this enormous canyon is something else. Thousands of years before it became oceans covered a desert Negev.

The crater was formed due to continuous erosion. Stunning view of the desert and its wildlife is incredible. Adrenaline junkies can ride on the sandy trail or hike on this 40 kilometers long crater. Israel is slowly being recognized as a tourist’s paradise. For someone who is looking for a unique experience, without the noise of the city- Israel is perfect.

Best Time To Visit

This middle eastern country has four different seasons. Unlike its neighbors, it gets a healthy amount of rainfall during the winter and during autumn, too.

Spring can be a delightful time to visit the country. Outdoor activities can be done comfortably. Summers can be annoyingly hot. It is probably not wise to be on the streets in the afternoon, regardless of the season.

Getting Around In Israel

Trains join the major cities of urban Israel. The network is quickly improving, and it can take you to popular destinations. If you want to go to offbeat destinations, you will have to take buses. They are cheaper than trains. But knowing their schedules can be a bit of a chore. Taxis can help you to travel inside the city. Most of them are metered, but they will charge extra for your luggage.

Taxis are multiple and they all have meters. Also, hiring a car is quite easy. All you need is to be over 21 years old, have an international driving license, and provide a credit card. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. Roads are in excellent condition, but congestion is a big problem in urban areas. 


Being an ancient country, Israel has many languages that are used. But English is taught from a young age. That is why you can communicate with the locals using this global language. Hebrew and Arabic are both official language. Arabic, however, is spoken less than Hebrew.

Currency & Money

One Israeli Sheqel is equal to 0.2607 dollars. The currency exchange is available at the airport, banks, post offices, many hotels, and licensed exchange booths in most towns and cities. It is an expensive country in middle-east. A complete three-course meal will cost you around 12o NIS. All major credit cards are acceptable and ATMs are available widely.

Electricity & Plug Type

In Israel, they use electric sockets of type H. C-plug is also applicable. The standard voltage is 230V. So, bring an adapter, if you are coming from the USA.

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