Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. The British-Chinese influence in this country is evident, as it was a British colony until 1997. People here speak English and Chinese.

Hong Kong’s area is only 1,064 sq mi. It’s basically a collection of many small islands and a peninsula.

Hong Kong has a well-blended fusion of urban lifestyle and traditional Chinese culture. There are beautiful parks and seaside throughout the city. Public transportation is excellent. It is the best way to travel around the densely populated cities.

There are a lot of things to do in Hong Kong, including the Ferry ride along the Victoria Harbor. It is great was to get a wonderful view of the city.

On the other hand, exploring Victoria Peak could be totally amazing, since it is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. As such, it is a beautiful peak which overlooks all of the dynamic city.

The city’s culture is also very rich, combining the features of both East and West. By the way, such a cultural concept as feng shui is taken very seriously here. Even large construction project companies often hire experts on this matter. Also, people widely use Ba qua mirrors and believe that they deflect evil spirits. The buildings here often miss floors, which have a 4 in the number. The number 4 is avoided, due to its similarity to the word “die” in Cantonese.

Hong Kong is a global trading and entertainment center. It is also the center for Cantopop music, which has an international fan base and draws the influence from other forms of Chinese music, as well as Western genres.

Hong Kong is one of the top destinations to visit in Asia. It fascinates travelers with its Asian and Western fusion. There are beautiful traditional gardens and parks, like Nan Lian Garden, as well as modern theme parks, like Disney land.

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