The Darien Gap is the link between North America and South America. To the East of it is Colombia and to the West is Panama. This region has no connecting roads. This is the only 160-kilometer long stretch abounding in swamps and forests that has no road connection between the two Amercian continents.

That said, this area is beautiful but if you are planning to hike or explore in the region, be careful and use a guide service. Drug cartels use this area to transport their drugs. Hence, the Darien gap can be quite dangerous.

Things To Do In Darien Gap

There are many stops in the Darien Gap where you can stay for a day or two. These places are not touristy, but they are still worthwhile. Firstly, you can take a cheap flight to Medellin. However, keep in mind not to book flights online after that. Flights are not dependable, and the schedule and system are always fluctuating.

Puerto Obaldia is your next stop. It is just a transition point to Capurgana. Keep in mind, the country is not safe so it is better to get out of it as soon as possible. You can take a cheap boat ride to Capurgana. Then, you can stay there and enjoy a tour of the Darien Gap. There are several hotels alongside the vibrant Caribbean beaches.

After a day on the beach of Capurgana, you will be ready for the boat ride to Turbo. It is relatively more costly than Capurgana, but the scenery of the sun rising over the turquoise blue waters is worth the price.


Currency Exchange in the Darien Gap is problematic or impossible. You can exchange your currency to pesos in Panama City.

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