Coorg or Kodagu is the epitome of beautiful nature in Karnataka, India. The crystal clear water cascades down Abbey Falls and panthers prowl in Nagarhole. Nature is at its finest in Coorg. This region is not just known for nature either, but also for Madikeri Fort.  


The fastest and easiest way to reach Coorg is to take a flight to either Bangalore or Mysore. From there you can take a cab to Coorg; it takes 5 hours to traverse the 243 kilometers. Bus rides cost the least, but they are uncomfortable. Book a cab of your choice at or


Coorg retains its beauty even in the summer. Abbey Falls will not run out of water no matter the season. However, to witness the full glory of Kodagu, you should visit during the winter. During summers and monsoon season there are a lot of tourists who crowd Coorg. February through April is the off-season time, characterized by low costs and no crowds.


Abbey Falls is 8 km from Madikeri Fort, and it has a hanging bridge perfect for viewing the scenery. Bathing in the waterfall is against the laws, so keep the area clean and follow the rules. There is a beautiful trekking trail through the jungle that leads you to the falls. The Nagarhole National Park is a distant 92 kilometers from Abbey Falls. Luckily, the highway is in good condition. Make sure you arrive at the park between 6:30 am and 4:30 pm. Between these hours is the only time that safari rides occur. Deers are plentiful throughout the park. Other than deer, you will be lucky if you see a panther.

For those who want the raw experience of the Western Ghats, trek through the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is 68 kilometers from Abbey Falls. Lastly, Mandalpatti is the best place to get a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, and it is a mere 18 kilometers from Abbey Falls. 

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