Central France is the area south of the Capital. It has rolling valleys, graceful rivers, old chateaus and elegant palaces. Auvergne, Centre-Val de Loire, Poitou-Charentes, Burgundy, and Limousin are the five regions which comprise Central France.


Auvergne has a volcanic range throughout its land. With the Massif mountain range, hikers and mountaineers have golden opportunities for climbing. For relaxation, the region has spa towns like Mont Dore where you can calm your nerves.

Centre-Val de Loire has many historic towns and cities. Bourges is the most famous in this region. Strolling through the Loire valley you will come across some of the finest architecture of Central France. The beautifully crafted stained glass churches are a must visit.

Poitou-Charentes is the birthplace of cognac, the finely made spirit in Central France. For travelers looking to get drunk on nature, cognac does the deed. Also, theme parks like Futuroscope and Puy du Fou are unique experiences available in this region.

Burgundy is famous for its elegant wine tours. This region makes a variety of wines. Take a look at the Romanesque buildings, or drive through the medieval towns of Cluny and Semur-en-Auxois.

Limousin is like a home to many English and Dutch. There is nothing much to do here except a quiet holiday in the serene countryside.

Apart from the famous Loire Valley wines, you can taste the magnificent seafood on Oleron Island. This tiny island off the Atlantic coast may be small but it is still a big part of the region. Central France abounds in monuments, adventure, beauty, peace, and comfort.

Getting Around

The car is a necessity in Central France. There are extensive rail and bus lines, but if you want to revel in the pure beauty of the countryside, take our advice and rent a car.

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