Bourges is one of the French cities that has a UNESCO World Heritage site. The main reason why travelers visit Bourges is to visit the historic center. Plus, the city is just a one and a half hour drive away from Paris. You can visit the city and not be in a hurry to get back to the capital.

The central attraction of the historic center is the Saint Etienne Cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The nine centuries Old Cathedral still stands proudly, displaying the intricate French Gothic architecture. It was one of the first churches to use stained glass windows to decorate. Extra tickets are required to enter the towers and crypt.

The Marais is a beautiful amalgam of canals and gardens. Walking along the romantic scenery with your beloved will no doubt rekindle passion. Palaces are no less charming in Bourges. Palais des Echevins and Palais Jacques Coeur are perfect examples.

Spiraling around the cathedral of Saint-Etienne, is the Marais, churches, palaces and also a museum. And what more? The Musee des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France is totally free. There are many free things to do here, other than the museum. However, you have to pay for food which can be expensive. Place Gordaine is an affordable place by French standards.

Getting Around:

Getting around the city with the help of a rental car is wise. Bourges has many free car parks. Walking around the city, you can leisurely enjoy the historic buildings. In addition to the historic center, you can enjoy the one-week long music festival in April.

Bourges has cheap hotels near the entrance of the city. You can stay there and make your way around the city. If you want to stay at cheap hostels, call the Hostel Bourges at {+33-248245809}. People say do not miss the wine, but we say do not miss the popular Forestines candies of Bourges near La Rue Moyenne.

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