Bangalore has transformed from the “Garden City of India to the “Silicon Valley of India.” A green blanket used to cover the city but modernization is slowly replacing the greenery. You can see IT companies building their offices far and wide. The city has become a proud metropolis.

Traveling in India can be annoying because of the oppressive heat in most Indian States. However, Bangalore (now known as Bengaluru) has a pleasant climate even during summer months. Bangalore is the capital city of the south Indian state of Karnataka. Consequently, the lingua franca here is Kannada. However, the locals are highly educated and speak English. 

Vidhana Soudha and Vikasa Soudha are two modern classic style parliament buildings. They might be two of the sleekest urban structures made in Modern India. Bangalore Palace is an ancient structure, which adorns the ultramodern land of Bangalore. The palace is a refreshing change from the otherwise patterned buildings.

Bangalore is a modern city, but it has gorgeous temples like the Bull temple (Basavanagudi), Gavi Gagadeshwara Cave temple and several more. In addition, Churches from the colonial period including the Holly Trinity Church, St. Mary’s Basilica, and St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral exist in the city.

Bangalore has a vibrant scenery surrounding the city. You can go trekking on Kumara Parvatha. Plus, nearby is Coorg which has a vibrant ecosystem and is one of the top places in India to go trekking and trailing. You can go kayaking in the monsoon season there as well as paddling.

Getting Around

Using cabs is the convenient way to get around the city. You can download a smartphone app that will allow you to book and pay for cabs. Buses and metro are other options to get around. Although, buses have a complex network and the metro system is not extensive.

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