Culinary Destinations In Japan

Top 6 Mouth Watering Culinary Destinations In Japan

Japan is popular throughout the world for its delicious dishes. It is in equal respect to as French cuisine. UNESCO has put it in the cultural heritage list. Many places in Japan will serve you mouth-watering dishes. Japan takes pride in its cuisines. You should visit the gourmet destinations in Japan.


It is the previous capital of Japan. You can imagine the history related to it. Kyoto is popular for its four-hundred-year-old restaurant Nakamura-ro. The specialty of the hotel is a multi-course banquet. The traditional name for it is kaiseki-ryori. Presentation of the dishes will get your stomach growling.

Japan Kyoto All foods for sale by DANIEL JULIE CC BY 2.0

The location of the restaurant is beautiful. It faces the intricate Daijji-in temple. You can relish your meals on china bowls watching the amazing scenery. If you are a vegetarian, you can prefer shojin-ryori( a vegetarian version of kaiseki-ryori).


You might think that sushi is a Hawaiian dish. You couldn’t be any more wrong. Sushi is Japanese cuisine. The savory pieces of raw fish served with vinegared rice. It has come to demand in the last decade. Locally it is called Edomae –zushi. Edomae means of Tokyo. Edo was the old name of Tokyo.

Take a stroll along the Tokyo Bay. It has the famous fish market. The yummy sushi is best in Tsukiji. Go to a stall and taste the signature dish of Tokyo.


Did we hear Eel? Yay! Coming to Nagoya and not tasting grilled eel is like coming to beach nad not getting a tan. The traditional name of the dish is Unagi. It is served in many ways to get your mouth watering. First, it is served with a garnish of onions, horseradish, and seaweed.

Then it can be served with rice. But the best way to eat it is with hot soup or a spicy sauce. Hitsumabushi is famous for its grilled eel. Your palate will love the savory taste of Unagi.


Nestled on the north coast of Shikoku. The place is beautiful so is the food here. Japan is known for its noodles. Takamatsu is a place where you will find wheat noodles. They are served separately. There is a unique way of eating it. You will be given a stock seasoned with horseradish (wasabi).

Dip your noodles in them and eat them. They are called sanuki-udon. You can travel to Shikoku-mura, an architectural park. Near that, you will see thatched roof houses. It is the restaurant Waraya. It serves some exquisite wheat noodles. Be ready to be gob-smacked.


When you are in Naha, head out to Dai-ichi kosetsu. The famous food market of Japan. Naha is located on the island of Okinawa. It is known throughout the world for being home to highest number of people who hit hundred years of age.

Yam hu mu by Takeaway CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want to live long, you need to borrow some of their healthy recipes. Ryuku-ryori is a much practiced tasty dish. No part of the pig is left as a waste. Even the ears are cooked into something appealing. In the bustling food market, you can find refreshing seafood cuisines. What are you waiting for? Dig in!


It is the gourmet capital of Japan. From seafood to noodles, you will find everything here. It is well known for the lamb barbecue. It is made on a table shaped grill which is convex. The representation is like the helmet of Genghis Khan.

That is not what makes it delicious, but the subtle mix of Japanese flavors. Whenever you visit a hotel here, order jing isu kan (lamb barbecue) on the menu. In Hakodate, you can wolf down a bowl of ramen noodles or rice topped with spicy seafood. Bon appetite or Itadakimaas(in Japanese).

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