Couple Goals

Life is so much better and fun when you are in love. Together, you have it all.

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Couple Goals

1. Go to the beach. Spend the entire day relaxing and chilling.

couples goals relationship neha and salil

in Costa Rica

2. Showering together so you can wash all your favorite parts of each other.

3. Stand under a gorgeous waterfall.

4. Float/swim in a natural pool together.

5. Teach him how to paint your nails so you don’t have to leave bed to get a pedicure. Request her to learn the recipe for your favorite food or dessert.

6. Wear complementary or matching outfits. It could be matching in colors, silly texts, or patterns.

7. Make and wear custom t-shirts with your nickname.

8. Work out together, just so you can kiss in cute positions.

9. Surprise and spoil each other by filling an entire room with something they love.

10. Holding hands constantly, even when your relationship isn’t new. Touching each other while doing every day things like watching a movie.

11. Write songs or poems to each other. (He wrote a book for her)

12. Share a 6-seconds kiss at-least once a day. Every day.

13. Not even caring how you look when you take silly couple selfies because you both always look so happy.

14. Camp in the woods. (Maybe make love in the woods. If you go for that, just be careful.) 😉

15. Always remembering to plan fancy dates and never letting the fire die because you ‘got busy.’

16. Getting matching Christmas pajamas and using them to make your Christmas card.

17. Always having ‘that look’ on your face when they hold you close and kiss you.

18. Putting sunscreen on each other when you’re at the beach.

19. Tying each other’s shoelaces.

20. Take silly photos wherever you go and talk about how these are the pictures your grandkids will look at one day and realize how in love you were.

21. Caresse the neck and always touching each other while driving somewhere.

22. Get matching underwear and spend a day (a lazy Sunday) just in your underwear.

23. Go to a park and do silly things and play games like you are little kids again.

24. Have weekends where you ban each other from leaving the bedroom and just hang out and cuddle the whole time.

25. Getting a matching tattoo on your body forever.

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26. Spend a lazy Saturday making brunch together. Enjoy the day doing nothing but just having each other.

27. Create an extensive collection of “just for you” photos from all the special moments you have together.

28. Drink wine in bed. Add grapes to the mix. Then go full Roman 😉

29. Raise a puppy together and treating it like it’s your baby.

30. Hanging out in your undies at home, no matter what time of day it is.

31. Helping each other stay in shape, the fun way.

32. Always remind each other exactly how lucky you are to be in each other’s lives.

33. Argue over the stuff that actually matters and makeup.

34. Sacrifice certain things for each other.

35. Have a deep meaningful conversation about life, death, afterlife, and the meaning of life.

36. Cover the bed with rose petals. Then together enjoy the bed.

37. Plan a date night together.

38. Visit your spouse/partner’s childhood home.

39. Visit your spouse/partner’s childhood school and college campus (share memories).

40. Ask your spouse/partner 20 random or personal or any weird questions.

41. Play “Truth or Dare”. Or, try “Truth or Drink”.

42. Call each other ‘King’ and ‘Queen.’

43. Write your vows and renew it by reading it together each year.

44. Write fun and cute couple’s travel vows.

45. Plan a surprise birthday party for your love.

46. Book and plan a surprise trip for your partner.

47. Go on a 30-days of no whining, no complaining diet.

48. Give each other full body massage. 😉

49. Never miss saying “I Love You, Good Night, and Good Morning”.

50. Throw a dart at the World Map and just go travel to that country.

51. Once a week, cook together at home.

52. Have a couple’s photoshoot done by a professional.

53. Walk on a nude beach…well, naked.

54. Write your wedding vows. Make it romantic, practical, honest, and personal.

55. Attend a local sporting event.

56. Go to a Comedy Show.

57. Attend a LIVE local concert (a music band you both love).

58. Prepare and run a 5K together. (If you are runners, go for 10K, Half-Marathon or perhaps even run a Marathon together.)

59. Learn a new foreign language together. Speak with each other in a language that is not your mother tongue.

60. Go wine tasting. Note your new favorite flavors.

61. Give each other a haircut.

62. Go apple picking and/or berry picking at a local farm and scavenge your local area.

63. Have a long late-night conversation about anything random.

64. Go picnic at your local park.

65. Spend an entire road trip cramped in the back seat of the car, and not caring because you get to be together and have fun.

66. Sleep in the back of your SVU while going on road trips and adventures together.

67. Travel the world together. Do not let that adventure wait anymore.

68. Have a pillow fight. Because why not!

69. Hug whoever is the weekend chef from behind when she/he is cooking. Then, help with cooking.

70. One day each month, gear up and clean the house together. Bathroom, kitchen, vacuuming, wardrobes, desks, dishes, and laundry.

71. Watch as many sunrises together as many as you can.

72. Watch as many sunsets together as many as you can.

73. Do a “Follow me to…” pose and click the photo.

follow me to...couples goals relationship neha salil

Photo: The Art of Travel

74. Pick her/his favorite books/authors and read stories or chapters to each other in the bed.

75. Name your future kids. (Boys and girls names)

76. Search and get that special ring. Surprise your partner.

77. Go to the gym. Workout and sweat together.

78. Sauna and shower together.

79. Being each other’s best friends.

80. Go Karaoke. If you have a great voice, impress her. If not, make her laugh.

81. Undress each other. Slowly…

82. Spoon. Enough said.

83. Be the human pillow for your partner in a long flight.

84. Watch the same movie on the flight.

85. Listen to the same music by sharing the ear pods.

86. Go on an African Safari.

87. Snorkel together. Hold hands and swim.

88. Scuba dive together.

89. Skydive together.

90. Hike (or climb) to the top of a mountain together. Pick a challenging one so you can push each other.

91. Follow your flashbacks. Find an old photo from one of your first dates, then recreate it after 1 year, 5 years, 10 years later.

92. Netflix and chill an entire day.

93. Bake cake/muffins/ bread at home together and enjoy.

94. Go to all Open houses one weekend. Draw figures, and talk about your dream home.

95. Hang out at a comic store for as long as they let you just read your favorite comics.

96. Ride a tandem bicycle. (Because it’s fun!)

97. Play Hide and Seek.

98. Go to Salsa dancing. (Bachata or Cha Cha also qualifies).

99. Attend and chill at EDC and/or Tomorrowland.

100. Attend Buring Man.

101. Enjoy Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

102. Play the Indian festival of Holi.

103. Partake in The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

104. Attend at least one Food-fight festivals (such as La Tomatina, Battle of the Oranges, Grape throwing, etc.)

105. Go beer tasting in a new town. Discover your new favorite flavors.

106. Pretend you are on vacation in your own hometown and go out enjoy the day.

107. Pick a book at the bookstore for each other. Read and then share the stories from the books.

108. Do a random act of kindness together.

109. Make a dance night at home. Take turns to pick songs.

110. Play Jenga. Find out together how tall can you get the Jenga going.

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