Couple Goals

Our ultimate bucket list of relationship and couple goals. Life is so much better and fun when you are in love. Together, we have it all. 

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Couple Goals

1. Spend an entire road trip cramped in the back seat of the car, and not caring because you get to be together and have fun.

2. Showering together so you can wash all your favorite parts of each other.

3. Take a bath under a gorgeous waterfall.

4. Float in a natural pool together.

5. Teaching him how to paint your nails so you don’t have to leave bed to get a pedicure.

6. Wear complementary outfits. It could be matching in colors, silly texts, or patterns.

7. Make custom t-shirts with your nickname. Having your nickname for each other be ‘King’ and ‘Queen.’

8. Work out together, just so you can kiss in cute positions.

9. Surprise and spoil each other by filling an entire room with something they love.

10. Holding hands constantly, even when your relationship isn’t new. Touching each other while doing every day things like watching a movie.

11. Being so inspired by your love that you write songs about each other

12. Sleep in the back of your SVU while going on road trips and adventures together.

13. Not even caring how you look when you take silly couple selfies together because you both always look so happy.

14. Making their work time sexy, because you hate that they leave you for 8 hours every day.

15. Always remembering to plan fancy dates and never letting the fire die because you ‘got busy.’

16. Getting matching Christmas pajamas and using them to make your Christmas card.

17. Always having ‘that look’ on your face when they hold you close and kiss you.

18. Putting sunscreen on each other when you’re at the beach.

19. Tying each other’s shoelaces.

20. Take silly photos wherever you go and talk about how these are the pictures your grandkids will look at one day and realize how in love you were.

21. Caresse the neck and always touching each other while driving somewhere.

22. Get matching underwear and spend a day (a lazy Sunday) just in your underwears.

23. Go to a park and do silly things and play games like you are little kids again.

24. Have weekends where you ban each other from leaving the bedroom and just hang out and cuddle the whole time.

25. Getting a matching tattoo on your body forever.

26. Spend a lazy Saturday making brunch together. Enjoy the day doing nothing but just having each other.

27. Create an extensive collection of “just for you” photos from all the special moments you have together.

28. Drink wine in bed. Add grapes to the mix. Go full Roman 😉

29. Raise a puppy together and treating it like it’s your baby.

30. Hanging out in your underwear at home, no matter what time of day it is.

31. Helping each other stay in shape, the fun way.

32. Always remind each other exactly how lucky you are to be in each other’s lives.

33. Argue over the stuff that actually matters and makeup.

34. Sacrifice certain things for each other.

35. Have a deep meaningful conversation about life, death, afterlife, and meaning of life.