Content Hierarchy

When you host a lot of content on a single website, content hierarchy is the key to finding relevant information faster.

Since, one of the primary aims of The Art of Travel is to provide FREE Travel Destination Guides to over 2000 attractions, cities, states or regions, countries, continents, oceans and islands, and even space, it is important that we group our content in an easy to understand and easy to navigate content hierarchy.

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Content Hierarchy

Overall guides hierarchy

Note: All content pages are also organized by Tags and Topics aka Categories.

Lastly, you can also use the search bar (at the top right corner on each page) to directly search for whatever you are looking for.

Vitamins and Painkillers

One other way to look at our content is from the lens of vitamin vs. painkillers.

For example, our blogs are aimed at information and knowledge sharing. They can be travel stories or listicles or just for pure entertainment purposes.

We call our blogs, Vitamins. They are nice to have! They provide travel inspiration and motivate our readers to travel more and to travel better!

Our, Destination Guides and various Travel Resource pages, ob the other hand is the Painkillers.

Readers come to our site looking for information or travel guides and these guides are written so that you don’t have to scroll through a dozen sites to make a practical travel itinerary.

These travel guides are the painkillers to your travel questions, planning, and challenges!

Our guides are a work in progress and we are constantly updating them. If you see an outline of a guide, please plunge forward and volunteer! We will be more than happy to link back to you and/or give you a shoutout as an author or contributor!

For more information, please check “Write for Us“.

Cheers and happy travel!

Neha & Sal