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The world’s top destination. All 193 countries, independent islands, major cities and places of interest. The list goes on to include Taiga, Tundra, North Pole, South Pole, the Seven Summits, the Highpoints and other remote and extreme places on planet earth.

5 Most Expensive Places on Earth

Expensive places are generally off the charts for many of us. We don’t have that kind of money to spend on a luxury hotel or an extravagant dinner. But a few have that kind of cash to spend on luxury travel. Maybe you will get tons of money someday. In that case, here are the expensive places you can travel to.


You would love to stay on the islands. The CEO of Virgin corporation has bought a Villa on the island. It’s a dream even to get there. The Villa is rented out. You can imagine how much it costs in this private island. Guana is another expensive place near the island. It is generally unreachable to the public. You will have to fly privately to Beef Island. From there take a boat to reach Guana.

If you want a holiday here, be ready to spend $700 on a hotel room. And that is only for one night. Your bill will start from that price. So while you are in the islands, take advantage of whatever you can. You are paying a huge sum for it; better enjoy it.

The game of the golf is practiced here. Tennis, bird-watching, snorkeling and many outdoor sports can be played here. There are not many people hanging around here except the A-list. If you have money to spend, why not go for the best?


You must be totally surprised with this name on the list! We like being unpredictable. Tuscany is not as visited as other Italian cities. It is not overcrowded with tourists. You might think that is the reason it has low prices. But sadly, the prices here are no less than Rome. They might be even higher as compared to them. It is still a rural place.

The ancient structures and lavish suites will take you to the glorious Roman times. You cannot trust public transport here. That is why you have to rent a car. There goes another expenditure on the list. The price might be hefty, but if want a peaceful Roman vacay, Tuscany is perfect.


Here comes the giant of all expensive places. Dubai has become popular in the past few years. It is a place where oil companies flourish. The backbone of the economy is oil wealth. A city is a common place if you look from the surface. But add money to anything and it seems wonderful. The luxury of Dubai has attracted many tourists over the past years.

There is nothing else do besides shopping, a beach day for regular tourists here. But if are here for luxury travel, Man! You are in for the best time in your life. From sailing on yachts to riding a helicopter, everything will be at your fingertips. Just have a fat wallet and you will have one of the best trips in most expensive places. Just a day at luxury hotels will cost you $20,000!


If we are talking about expensive, how can we leave NYC behind? A city which is the dream for many travelers. It is on the bucket lists of many amateurs. Don’t be fooled by the glittery skyline of nightlife in NYC. Whatever you have seen in Sex and City is different from reality.

You need to have at least $350 to stay at a normal hotel room. It that is not overpriced enough then be ready to pay the same for a steak. Budget travel and NYC don’t go together. You will have to pay a $1000 for a sundae! We can imagine the look on your place. But remember, we are talking about expensive. At least it seems affordable than Dubai.


We made a study on adventure travel recently, and according to it, South Pacific is attracting a lot of travelers. Fiji is an island on South Pacific. The main islands are frequented by travelers. They can be affordable. But we are talking about luxury here. So, a secluded destination coupled with natural beauty is an expensive place.

Image Credit

The tiny islands here are bought by rich individuals or are owned by resort companies. Matangi Island is an island of Fiji. You can do snorkeling, enjoy the beach and hike up on the nearby volcanic areas. It will be a visit worth your money when you take a lava rock shower.

Compared to other locations Fiji is a bit affordable. It will cost you $ 600 for a night. It might be less than Dubai but is more than NYC. Spoil yourself if you have some cash to burn.

*Note: We have left Tokyo, London, Singapore and other expensive destinations for another post.

5 Exciting Things to do in Coorg, India

Coorg is an off beaten destination in Karnataka. You can experience the wondrous beauty of this hill station. You might be tired of visiting famous tourists destinations. Coorg is popular among adventure seekers and nature lovers. The lush green forest will call you. Trek on the jeep to witness the gorgeousness of Western Ghats.


We recommend this, only if you don’t have a weak heart. Rafting in Barapole can play havoc with your senses. It is around six kilometers long rapid. An experienced rafter will have fun against the turbulent waves. Rapids are also available for beginners.

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The experience in Barapole will put your heart in your throat. The sense of adventure on swelling waves is something worth remembering. It is the best place in the country for whitewater rafting. Take your chance here if you are a novice at rafting.


When you drive through the dense jungle of hilly regions, you will be astounded. You will see animals coming out to greet you. The cascading waterfalls will surround your senses. The adventurous trek in Coorg is full of natural beauty.

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Head to Mandalpatti to have a golden view of sun kissing the horizon. Your drive might be a bit of inconvenience. Jungle roads are not smooth. But the pain will be worth it when you reach 1600 meter high.


There is a kid inside all of us who wants to live in the woods. Trees are looming above you, thickets under your feet and wild sounds in your ears. That is something you wouldn’t like to miss. Stay at the jungle huts in Nagarhole national park. It is a tiger reserve. But it is also home to deer, elephants, and wild dogs.

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Huts are safe places to stay. You can come out during dusk and watch predators on the prowl. Do so from a safe distance, so that you don’t end up being dead meat. Streams are winding all through the forests. Tigers generally cool themselves near a water body. If you want to see a tiger, camp near a pool.


Switch on your camera, compose the background. Smile! Then click. That was a selfie in the coffee plantation. Coorg is widely popular for its coffee plantations. Even Tata has its private coffee plantations here. You can stroll along the plants if you want to feel free.

Or ask the coffee pickers the process of manual coffee making. There are homes for tourists in the nearby region of plantations. Stay near the coffee plants. So, each morning during your stay you can get a whiff of coffee.

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Coorg has its own golden temple. It has the largest number of Buddhist in India. The Namdroling monastery present here boasts golden statues of Buddha. It is just at a distance of thirty minutes from Bylakuppe.

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You can interact with the Tibetan monks in the monastery. They are refugees staying in Namdroling. The atmosphere in here is one of peace and holiness.

Adventure destinations in India

India is a symbol of the diversity of nature. From blistering temperatures to snow laden mountains, India has it all. If you are fed up with the clichéd Taj Mahal or Ooty, head out for some adventure. India has many destinations which will provide you adventure. Gear up for some scary fun with nature. Warning- Only for the daredevils.


Lighting a fire on your own, and warming yourself up inside a cave! It sounds like you have gone back many centuries. But trust us, you will love the feel of it. Meghalaya is sprawled between lush forests. The green landscape is enhanced with gushing waterfalls. You have to pack your bags carefully.

Caving adventures in Meghalaya India by Sharada Prasad CS CC BY 2.0

Nobody knows when you will run out of food or water. Keep in mind to pack sufficiently. Use your resources wisely. When you are at the heart of nature, you will be enchanted by it. The beauty has a wildness to it. Make sure you carry a weapon for safety. You might encounter jungle friends on your way.


All those who fear heights, this is your chance to conquer it. You can feel the wind on blowing your face. And The weightlessness of your body when you freefall. You might be scared to dive from the heights. But once you take the leap you will want to be in the air. The view of Mysore is stunning. With crystal, blue sky overhead and dense valleys below your heart will skip a beat. You might scream out loud when you jump. Then you can drink in the scenery around you. Take the lead of an expert. You will be safe.


This trip is for those who love being on the road. Nothing feels as good as discovering unchartered destinations. Gang up with your friends who share a common passion. Hit the road from Shimla to Leh. You might freeze your bones on the way.

Shimla India Ridge by Betelgeuse CC BY-SA 3.0

Dress warm and carry rum with you. You will desperately need a sip. It is best if you join the rally “The Raid de Himalaya”. The tour will take you through freezing places. But at the end of the day its adventure, remember?


Now you would have warmed up to height a bit. It is the perfect time to let the fear go. Rishikesh has an 83 meters high podium. It might be high. But what fun is bungee jumping without the super height? Jump from heights of ecstasy. You will land in the holy waters of Ganges. Rishikesh has a wide range of adventure sports options you can pursue. River rafting and paragliding are also on the menu if you want a taste of it.


These gorgeous islands are a part of India. But they are not so visited by tourists. Their untouched beauty and tribal culture are popular. You can take a dip into the turquoise waters of Andaman. What you will see before your eyes will amaze you. Under the blanket of blue waters, there are beautiful basalt formations. The natural coral barriers are colorful when the sun shines on them. You can do a lot of Water sports in the islands. The hotels here cater to luxury. You can pamper yourself with the adventurous experience.


The sandy beaches and sea shells call for a lemonade. But you will not have enough time for lounging in Goa if you are into adventure sports. All kind of water sports can be performed here. Are you a speedster? Do you love water? Then what are you waiting for? Flyboard! Tourists from all around the countries travel to Baina beach. Help your girlfriend on the board. It will feel good when someone grabs you tight when you ride on.


Your fear will start now. Even though you did not feel a thing while jumping or diving, you will be scared by trekking here. We are not joking. The scene here is something taken out of a horror movie. The path winds around the Roopkund lake. It is littered with skeletons. Researchers say that the skeletons belong to the ninth century. People died in a hailstorm, and their skeletons still line the glacial lake. You will need to wear warmers. Not because it is Uttaranchal but because it is located at high altitude. Dare to travel beyond. That is what adventure is all about.

5 Breathtaking Natural Wonders in Botswana

Botswana is an expensive African country to travel. It is underrated than any other African country. But it gives more natural experience. People who prefer luxury travel can prefer this nation. The numerous sanctuaries and safari rides will give you a taste of wildlife. There are many places of beauty which are not so well known. You can visit the places listed below.


The desert is located near the Orange River. Erosion from the stone formations has led to sand deposition. The vast expanse is from Angola to Orange River. Terracotta dunes cover the land in unique shapes. The Central Kalahari game reserve is the largest in Africa.

Image Credit

The grasslands are spread across the land abounding in wildlife. At night you will get the clearest skies. You can take a safari ride here.Behold the wilderness of grasslands. During summer you can watch different wild beasts coming out. The perfect essence of Africa is in Kalahari.


The name Jwaneng means the store of small stones. Jwaneng is not only the richest diamond mine in Botswana but is the richest in the world.In the first year, 13 million karats of diamond were manufactured here.

Image Credit

You can visit the world’s richest diamond mine. It has many places to stay.Luxurious restaurants and hotels are in every corner of Jwaneng. The Game Park here is another attraction you can visit.It also has two cute white rhinos. Visit Botswana’s rich place.


The national park is named after river Chobe. When you first see it, you will be amazed. The national park surrounding the river is rich in biodiversity. The animals like elephants, baboons, birds, lions, giraffes live here.

You can even take a river safari! The antelopes, crocodiles, and hippos are abundant here. In summer you can see a huge herd of elephants wandering. The river and national park will give you a treat of nature. Enjoy the wilderness.


Botswana has many natural beauties. It has the world’s largest inland delta.Okavango Delta is a myriad of islands. The untouched beauties are rich in natural vegetation. It is like an oasis in the midst of wild Kalahari desert.

Image Credit

Take a safari in a canoe. You can stay overnight here. Camping in Okavango will be adventurous. Be warned about the exorbitant costs. It might cost you a fortune. But the experience here will be once in a lifetime kind.


These hills are a natural heritage of Botswana. Nobody knows how long they have existed. Cave paintings on the wall of the Hills date back to 30000 years. The history and beauty in Tsodilo will leave you spellbound. It is World Heritage site. All the history buffs can go and have a look at the 4000 cave paintings.

Image Credit

There are 200 locations you will have to visit in order to cover all paintings. The best time to visit is winter. The weather is pleasant during winter. Botswana is a microcosm of Africa’s natural heritage. It may be one of the expensive countries of Africa but is nature at its finest.

Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was one of the widely visited countries in the world during the twentieth century. But recently the number of tourists has dropped to 75%. The glory of Zimbabwe still survives. Sadly, there are not many people who travel here. It is full of natural beauty like any African country. There many adventure sports options available here. Something tells us that you would like to visit it. That is why we present to you a list of things you must do here.


Calm down! We did not ask you to do it without protection. We were talking about bungee jumping. It is the highest waterfalls in the world. Discovered by David Livingstone. Victoria Falls at a height of 111 meters. A fall from that high is sure to make your heart pound. Many adventure sports enthusiasts dive from that height.

It is organized by Zambezi Adrenaline Company. People from around the world visit the waterfall to experience the jump. You can even hear the water gushing from two kilometers away. How wonderful is that?


An aerial view of these ancient ruins is breathtakingly gorgeous. They are tokens of past. It was built by Gokomere tribe. Chimanimani, Zimbabwe has been on the ground since the eleventh century. History lovers can spend their time here. The site has been divided into three parts.

Chimanimani Zimbabwe1 var by JackyR CC BY-SA 3.0

The Great Enclosure is an assembly of granite blocks aligned together. The Hill Ruins is the bygone human settlements. They are the most visited. The Valley Ruins is a series of life in structures. A walk around this 750 hectares area will transport you back to ancient times.


Everything about cave sounds primal. You would like to discover the places where ancestors lived. There is an underground pool located inside the cave. It is a limestone structure. Caves are lined up together to form a myriad.

Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi caves, Zimbabwe by Suesen CC BY-SA 3.0

The temperature of the pool is always nice for a dip. You can pitch your tent around the caves. There is a Caves Motel near the Cave. You can relax in the lush atmosphere. Reaching also is easy. Just 120 miles from capital Harare.


Are you tired of the scorching sun rays? Sub- Saharan climate of Zimbabwe can be quite exhausting. Mutare is a town that will be your reprieve. The climate here is pleasant. You can visit the Aloe Gardens here.

Mutare Area, Zimbabwe by Seabifar CC BY-SA 3.0

The calm atmosphere will soothe you. Another place is the Mzilikazi Art Museum; you will find the crafts here worth your interest. There is Rhodes museum too. Chimanimani is close to Mutare town. Enjoy your day walking around these places sipping something cool.


Image Credit

If you want some time off shopping? Doon estate it is. Located in Harare, which is the capital city of Zimbabwe. There are lovely art galleries to surf here. Dendera, Zimbabalooba are your options. Locally brewed coffee is sold here. You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.

You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.

5 Best Places to Visit in Algeria

Algeria is one of the African countries. If you like Ottoman architecture and delicious cuisines.You can be careful and visit Algeria. Here are some places you must visit in Algeria.


It is the capital of Algeria. The ottoman built Algiers.Hence it contains a rich amount of Ottoman architecture.Watching the flowing ancient streets across the Casbah is beautiful. You can visit the oldest mansion in Algiers.The Dar Hassan Pacha is an easy example of Ottoman architecture. Tourists from the western countries will be overwhelmed by the scenic charms of past in Algiers.

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As soon as you hear Constantine, Politics pops in your mind.The city of Constantine was the capital of Numidia.The Romans played a significant part in building up the city.It looks formidable from afar.The location is such that it gives you a feel of a fairy tale. To visit the most stunning buildings, you need to cross the bridge.The bridge is across a vast canyon.History plays a major role in the appeal of Constantine.Other than the buildings and architecture there is not much to see here.Though you can’t help but, fall in love with the history in Constantine.

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An oasis in the sea of sand.El Qued is appropriately named the city of thousand domes.The temperature here gets pretty high.To survive the heat, the locals have domed roofs.From afar it’s a beauty to watch these domes. A day here amidst the culture you will feel like Jasmin.Hope the Disney princess in you is happy.The shops here are popular for the locally woven carpets and slippers (affanes).Be sure to get a memento of each one of those.

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Phoenicians discovered this city.You will see that Annaba is a natural port.It makes most of the trade for the country.Being a traveler, we always seek a scenic view that is breathtaking.Some such magic is here in Annaba. The ruins of Hippo Regius are a mesmerizing sight.It is lined by olive trees on one side.And on the other side, it is guarded by the sea.The tour here will be worth it if you view this once.Walking through the ruins of old temples and ancient villas you will be transported back in time.


It is another port of Algeria.And probably the second largest city in the country.Like any other Algerian city, it has a touch of Ottoman mosques and architecture.

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But the main attraction here is the local cuisine.You can go to a hotel and taste something decadent, listening to Rai music.Adventure sports like scuba diving have a lot of scopes here.Enjoy the liveliness of tradition and modernity in Oran.

Visiting Japan’s Peak: Mount Fuji

Some say Mount Fuji in Japan is every hiker’s dream, a must-visit for travelers. This behemoth of a landscape stands tall and scared, touching the skies to the southwest of Tokyo, with its summit at 3,776 meters above sea level.

It is not surprising, therefore, that many people want to make a trip to Mt. Fuji and locals worship the sacred mountain out of the belief that it is connected to God. Locals believe that whosoever climbs and visits the Murayama Sengen Jinja becomes blessed.

Mount Fuji

Hikers, climbers, and adventurers challenge the peak during the climbing season. According to official figures, more than 300,000 people from across the world climb Mt. Fuji every summer, either for the achievement of setting a record for their lifetime or for the sheer fulfillment of the physical and spiritual self.

Visit Spiritual Shrines

In the past, trekking in the mountain meant a spiritual fulfillment. That is why many shrines were built in Mount Fuji to indicate the spiritual importance of walking through the different trails.

At the summit alone, there are two shrines:

  • Okumiya Shrines
  • Kusushi Shrines

Located beside these shrines at the end of the trails are snowmelt springs of water passing through volcanic lava.

Murayama Sengen Jinja Temple

It is also recommended that tourists visit the Murayama Sengen Jinja temple, where people in the past were believed to pay homage in order to live a good life.

The old temple was constructed a thousand years ago. Another recommended drop-by point for visitors is the Fuji Gen temple situated at the foothill of Mt Fuji. These temples serve as jump-off points to the 5th level of Mt. Fuji.

Hiking & Trekking Trails

Before trekking in Mt. Fuji, one needs to gather information about the trails, hotels, towns and tour schedules of the place, and the Internet provides pieces of relevant information.

When booking hotel rooms around Mt. Fuji, check an establishment’s terms for the use of toilets and bathrooms. Cheap rates mean you will have to share water closets with other guests.

Seek information about climbing the mountain – fitness level requirement, training, clothing, sickness, weather forecasts, etc.

Climbing Mt Fuji by Jakub Hałun CC BY-SA 4.0

Visting Mt. Fuji & Location

Mt. Fuji sits in the middle of Japan, with the official designation as the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. Beyond the 5th station, where hikers begin the 10-hour climb to the summit, and the Aokigahara forest, the area is protected, meaning hikers are not allowed the pilfer the rocks and plants.

On any point, almost everybody considers it a privilege already to be standing at the foot of the mountain. But for hikers who can’t resist the temptation to reach the peak of Mt. Fuji, there are many odds that could keep them from trekking on the mountain such as the cost of the trip including airfare, accommodation, transportation, food and clothing and one’s fitness to make the trip.

Kawaguchiko Trail

The Kawaguchiko trail is the traditional route and takes 6- 8 hours to complete (walking pace). On your climb you might see the dormant crater, it is a sign that a meteorological station is 30 minutes away from you.

Kawaguchiko Trail

Another route is the Gotembaguchi route, which is tougher than Kawaguchiko trail route. It takes about 10 hours to hike the mountain using this route. There are cozy huts to help you on the mountain, selling postcards, gloves, food, raincoats.

Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara, also known as the sea of trees as it spreads across the foothills of Mt. Fuji, is covered with lava mud over which trees of various kinds grow with their roots jutting out above the ground. Many tales led to the other name of the forest – suicide forest. According to stories, trekkers found body remains and suicide notes in the forest.

Fuji Five Lakes

Take extra pleasure in what Mt. Fuji has to offer. Visit the Fuji Five Lakes at the northern foot of the mountain, where you can view the beautiful landscape of the lake.

The Fifth Station

Going to the Fifth Station is made easy through a bus ride along a road that ends at the station’s intersection of pavement and soil. Before kicking off the Fifth Station trail, you will find a helpful map at the entrance of the Ochudo Trail, which will guide you through the journey.

Although it surrounds the circumference of Mt. Fuji, tourists can never get lost on this trail because it is well-maintained. Finally, when at the Fifth Station, you can find many souvenir shops and toilets.

Mt. Fuji 5th by Flittergreeze CC BY-SA 4.0

How To Get Here

Once you reach Tokyo, there is no trouble taking a bus from Shinjuku. The bus ride takes you to the Fifth Station (as mentioned above), which is the base point of hiking in Mount Fuji. NOte, it takes at least two hours to reach Kawaguchiko – the fifth station.

There is also another way to reach Mt Fuji- train. Take JR Tokaido line from Tokyo, then from Kozu change train for Gotemba. Then there are direct buses from Gotemba to the fifth station. And the Gotemba Route is relatively cheaper.

Best Time To Visit

The hiking season in Mt. Fuji is strict for two months – July and August. At this time of the year, Tokyo is burning in the heat, but the slopes of Mt Fuji are still mildly cold. Pack your bags wisely to cope with the nightly drop in temperature.

All the facilities and routes get closed off during offseason. It is not advisable for even professionals to dare the Mountain after August. Climb the mountain during the late morning, so you catch the sunrise as well as ditch the crowds. And what more? You get to stay at an overnight camp and witness the sunrise too.

Top 10 Things To Do In Kerala, India

Kerala is home to the wild and lush landscape.Its untouched beauty is in the clear waters.The precious devotion of people to their Gods will touch your heart. You will love to taste the lip-smacking cuisines flavored with coconut. For thrill seeking adventure junkies also there are a lot of options from parasailing to trekking. The balanced mixture of culture and adventure is the reason Kerala is most preferred travel destination in India. Here are the top ten things you should do in Kerala.


Kathakali is an Indian Dance form. It doesn’t include the whole movement of the body but pays much importance to eye movements. Dancers undergo vigorous training to learn eye -expression. This dance dramatically displays ancient tales. It’s a delight to watch the colorful dancers. You might be scared the first time because of the makeup of dancers. Dancers paint their face, to make their eyes look prominent.They might look hideous at first, but once you start getting the storyline of the dance you will love watching it.


Hop on a houseboat and behold the diverse beauty of Kerala. Cruising through the backwaters you will be a part of the natural heritage of this state. Green vegetation lines the waters followed by human habitations. The wide range of coconut and palm trees combined with houses and huts will give you a memorable scene.You will feel so peaceful under the tropical sun shining above Kerala waters. It will revive your soul.


With lots of beaches and water bodies lining Kerala, you will find it is a busy hub for water sports. Hook on to the wing and take off 300ft above the ground to watch the breath-taking view of golden orange waters at dusk.A necessary gear of safety net is given to parasailers.The adrenaline junkies will find it is worth their time to be in Payyambalam beach. So what are you waiting for? Fly high.


Are you a food junkie?Well, we are. And Kerala is the best place for your palate. Dosa dipped in Sambhar will make you want to taste more. The people here are friendly. If you are looking for a cooking lesson, then you can ask a family in Kochi to teach you. Not only Idli, Sambhar, dosa but Borlu is another typical south Indian dish which has a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Let your tummy do the talking. Wolf the food down.

Sambar,Kerala cuisine by Samphotography CC BY-SA 4.0


Kerala celebrates many boat races. But the oldest and largest is Aranmula Snake boat fest.During Onam or harvest festival these races are organized. The huge boats carry a hundred rowers.Colorful umbrellas adorn the boats. And singers sing Vanchipattu songs. You will be spellbound when you watch these races unfold before your eyes. The frenzied rowers, unearthly songs, and the colorful scenic view will be etched in your memory forever.

Aranmula-boat race- Kerala-India By Arun Sinha CC BY 2.0


The dark green forests will call you into them. Misty mountains hold hidden paths that might take you on an adventurous journey of Kerala.There are many places for you to do trekking.Periyar tiger reserve is a natural trekking destination. You will get a chance to see elephants roaming around, and if you don’t stick to your guides, you might also end up as being dinner of a big cat.

Chembra peak is 14 km long trial. If you are new at trekking, you might get sore feet. But believe us the panoramic view at the peak of the mountain and the lovely lake will make all your pain worth it. Your another option is one of world heritage site, Silent Valley national park. It’s a feast for trekkers.

Munnar hillstation kerala by Bimal K C CC BY 2.0


It is an old martial art form of can visit Kadathamadan Kalari center which is located in Thekkaday and watch this local form of martial arts. The people of Kerala believe in treasuring their heritage that is why this ancient form of martial arts is still alive. It includes skills like weaponry, grappling and healing tricks as well.


Kerala has a long coastline because of which it has numerous beaches. The famous Kovalam beach is known for catamaran rides and snorkeling.It is a busy tourist spot. If you want some quiet sunset watching and view of a magnificent fort you can opt for the Bekal beach. Another beach is Cherai, which is best known for its colorful sea shells. The locals prefer Payyambalam beach for picnics because it is peaceful and untouched by commercialization. The tranquil atmosphere of beaches will wash away your worries.


Ayurveda is the ancient form of medicine in India. It uses natural herbs and methods to treat diseases. Kerala has numerous ayurvedic centers which will treat you. You can also visit spas which use Ayurveda. Coconut Lagoon has clean and cozy surrounding. It is built in bungalow style and renders Ayurvedic spa treatment. With a day of pampering yourself here, you will feel refreshed and beautiful.


Kerala is one of the top five places to produce tea leaves. Munnar and Wayanad have incredible hills laden with fresh tea leaves. If you want, you can also hike up the hills and wander in the tea plantations. You can stay in tea plantations and watch how it is processed. Your curiosity will be the reason why you will have fun strolling on this tea hills. Have fun tasting the tea.

Top 5 Unconventional Places To Visit In Canada

Canada is a world-class country. It excels in every field. The cultural and scenic charms work wonders for tourists. It is well known for its maple leaf and pancake syrup. But that is not all that defines this country. For travelers looking for something out of the box, here is your chance to break the curse of clichés. You will discover such amazing places in this country that you will be surprised. Visit this heavenly places mentioned below.


Image Credit

In 1950s, Doris and Rogers needed a place to treasure their sculptures. So they bought a forest. They filled it with sculptures of characters like dragons, pirates. Their home was in the form of a cute gingerbread.Further in the 1960s it became accessible to tourists. The dwarfs behind trees and fairies with magic wands were a beautiful attraction for children. Your inner child will squeal when you see this life like sculptures giving you a taste of a fantasy world. Gear up for your walk in this woods which is full of magic and ghosts.


Image Credit

Earlier in the Elizabethan period mazes were created to confuse evil spirits. But eventually, it became a trend in the nineteenth century. This hedge in Van Dusen is one of the six in North America. It consists of three thousand pyramidal cedars. It was planted in 1981. You can visit this wondrous place of fauna any day of the year except on Christmas. Besides cedar, it is rich in plants from all around the world. Go ,find a way out of the maze in Vancouver.


Image Credit

It was built in 1889 by a civil engineer George MacKay to cross the river. It was made of rope and cedar planks. George had constructed this bridge as a form of entertainment for his friends who were daredevils. Later in the twentieth century, this bridge was improved to a wire cable bridge. Adventure lovers from around the world come here to pit their strengths on this swinging bridge. Capilano has proved to be an international destination of rustic beauty. Test your strength and cross the bridge.


Image Credit

This lake can is also called kliluk . It is a water body located between the Okanogan and Similkameen valleys in the desert of British Columbia. In summer, the water evaporates and leaves patches of dots. The polka dots of sodium sulfates and magnesium sulfates are beautiful. You can also see graves in a form of rock piles surrounding the lake. It is  a sacred medicine site. You can walk around the dry piece of land between the spotted lake and enjoy this natural phenomenon. How great is the untamed beauty of nature? It always takes us by surprise. 


Yoho National Park of Canada by Marek Slusarczyk  CC BY 2.5

Yoho National park is a symbol of nature being in total sync with the human community. The rich flora and fauna will tempt every nature-lover to take a stroll here. For history lovers, burgess shale is a thing not to be missed. The attempt to join eastern Canada and western Canada in 1800s was a huge step taken by this nation. We still have something that ought to be visited. The spiral tunnels which give you an incredible view of the park. Canada has put immense effort in conserving it’s tourists destinations. Let’s travel to places which are unknown and discover the thrill.

Top 5 Mysterious Places In Greece

Many mysteries abound the land of Greece. A nation of forgotten Gods which whispers the secrets of centuries. Have you ever been intrigued to know what lies in the ruins? Would you like to bask in the Mediterranean sun while you stroll on rustic streets? Greece holds up to all your wishes. You want to walk back on the sands of time then you ought to visit this places.


Being the highest mountain in Greece it is a filled with rich biodiversity. Due to deep gorges and tremendous flora and fauna, many tourists take a hike up to Olympus. The foothills or starting point is litochoro. You can wind your way through pimblia and livithra and many small places till you reach the peak.

The amazing feeling you will get when you think that this was the very mountain where Gods and Goddesses once lived will be priceless. So come and taste divinity of nature and history.And descent is going to be like from Lord of the rings.


Built during the thirteenth century BC this was the home of Oracle of Delphi. She was the priestess of Tholos-temple of Apollo.she sat behind Sybil Stone inhaling ethylene gas foretelling the future in a foreign language. Take a peek into the bygone era. Glimpse the nearby mountains hear the chirping of birds (Delphi is also a sanctuary).

Walk around the gymnasium which once held Pythian games – the precursor of modern Olympus. You will never forget to be standing at the center of earth reliving the past in this beautiful ruins. Come!Hail the healing powers of Delphi. Built during the thirteenth century BC this was the home of Oracle of Delphi. She was the priestess of Tholos-temple of Apollo. She sat behind Sybil Stone inhaling ethylene gas foretelling the future in a foreign language. Take a peek into the bygone era. Glimpse the nearby mountains hear the chirping of birds (Delphi is also a sanctuary).

Take a peek into the bygone era. Glimpse the nearby mountains hear the chirping of birds (Delphi is also a sanctuary). Walk around the gymnasium which once held Pythian games – the precursor of modern Olympus. You will never forget to be standing at the center of earth reliving the past in this beautiful ruins. Come! Hail the healing powers of Delphi.

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Synonymously known as the island of knights after the knight of St John of Jerusalem who conquered Rhodes in the 13th century. You can enter the old town and feel like you are witnessing twenty-four centuries of life here. The intricate fortress-like buildings, narrow alleys, minarets are a tapestry of various cultures.

Moving outside comes the new city, which holds a neoclassical touch. The area of Afandu is a good place for lounging at the beach or a heaven for golf players. Rhodes is a perfect balance of cosmopolitan and traditional. So if you want to relax but still you are looking for an action packed holiday come to Rhodes.

Rhodos Ritterkastell bei Lindos by Nikater CC BY-SA 3.0


The temple which is said to have been home to the ancient Greek goddess Athena stands on the glorious peak of city Athens-acropolis. Built in around fifth century BC, this piece of history has been shaken by numerous earthquakes, volcanoes, and storm. Its strength comes from the foundation which is made of limestone.

Parthenon was built in such a way that visitors could see the gold and ivory statue of Athena from outside of it. So when you visit it you can feel air from Aegean sea blowing through the columns whispering to you the history of Gods and goddesses who once abided these temple. Did you know that the winds from all four directions of earth blow here… Now that is the belief.


The metaphysical powers of Gods will tempt you for experience mystical vibes of Samothrace. It is a treasure house of wild untamed beauty of nature and relics of past. The waterfalls in Samothrace will give you an unadulterated peace. You can hike up on Mount Saos if you are looking for adventure sports. Visit the ancient sanctuary of Gods while you are there admiring the nature. Go have a look at the Nike of Samothrace -the winged victory. There are a whole lot of things you can do here but if you are lazy and just want a sunbath. Go to a beach.

Hidden Wonders Of Egypt

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Egypt is a lot more than the traditional destination of pyramids.The package tourists mostly stick to a schedule of guides and travel to usual places in Egypt. They go for  Giza, Plauteur, Luxor. Places are identifiers of Egypt. But they don’t explain the unique and diverse history of Egypt. If you want to choose unconventional, then visit this hidden gems of Egypt. Think different and travel brilliantly. If you want to choose unconventional, then visit this hidden gems of Egypt. Think different and travel brilliantly.


Located in Alexandria this place screams mystery. It is an underground cemetery complex. It was one of the seven wonders in middle ages. It has it all to make your jaw drop. From spooky spiral staircases to pristine statues.  Here is just an added charm as it contains symbols representing Roman-Egyptian religious symbols. You will wonder why there is banquet hall in the cemetery. Did the ancients feed on dead? Relax. It was there to hold memorial meals for the deceased. Take a walk six feet under to witness famous catacombs of Kom-al-shoqafa.

113KOM EL SHOQAFA CATACOMBS by Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD CC BY-SA 3.0


Ever heard of the queen and kept a serpent on her bosom committing suicide. That queen was Cleopatra of Egypt. Cleopatra in her time used to take a bath inside a cavern on Marsa Matrouth. The best thing about is how water from Mediterranean sea sways in and out of this cave .water hits the rocks.Pooling inside the cavern.It remains fresh. So refreshing to take a bath.


This is like coming home for all adventure sports lovers. Those who are a fan of trekking can tie up their laces and start up from the floors. It is not easy to climb this large chunk of land but the view waiting for you at the top of Sinai is a million dollar one. You just can’t miss it. On your ascent, you will meet Bedouins with their camels. Their dress up mirrors the rich cultural heritage of Egypt. Tired of seeing historical places in Egypt?This will refresh you and may give you a sore muscle or two.


With a touch of ethereal, the ecosystem here is unique. The Jebel Elba was also known as “mist oasis”  receives precipitation in the form of mist giving it an otherworldly look. Travelers who are looking for adventure can also visit Elba National Park and Wadi al Jemal national park. Wadi is third largest wadi draining to Red sea. If you think Egypt is only golden sands, this place will prove you wrong. Come travel, explore, and discover the mysteries of the ancient Egypt. Find the unconventional. Because wanderers often stumble upon treasures.