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Sri Lanka: Top 5 Hidden Gems to Discover

Thanks to its beautiful coastline, courteous locals, and plenty of sightseeing treasures, Sri Lanka is rapidly becoming an increasingly sought-after vacation spot. If you visit the well-known coastlines in the south or enjoy a few days in Ella, you may have stumbled across Tulum or the banana pancake route of Southeast Asia.

Sri Lanka Hidden Gems

There are excellent, unknown beauties in Sri Lanka that many travelers are unaware of. Although rare tourist sights, these secret spots are breathtaking and captivating. Although Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Anuradhapura, and Sigiriya are probably familiar, the locations we will share with you are equally beautiful places to explore.

In today’s guide, we will tell you about five magical Sri Lanka gems for a mesmerizing vacation with your loved one.


The Riverston province of Sri Lanka is about as far away from the tourist path as it gets. This breathtaking area, located in the central part of the island, has more waterfalls than you can shake your hand at.

Several waterfalls, soaring peaks, and gently sloped terrain surround this verdant paradise. Traveling there from Kandy is better if you’re looking for a quiet retreat in the woods far away from Ella’s throng. You can take a train from Ella to Kandy to reach Riverston for a magical vacation.

Gartmore Falls

Among the most spectacular waterfalls in the country is Gartmore Falls. This gorgeous two-tier waterfall offers an untouched infinity pool where you may take a refreshing dip and a breathtaking 30-meter plunge.

It is incredibly gorgeous and is considered one of Sri Lanka’s treasure troves. Suppose all of that wasn’t sufficient. In that case, very few international visitors know about it, let alone visit, as it’s utterly off the main route in Sri Lanka.

Delft Island

As you explore the island, you will find many historic structures and artifacts from the Portuguese, Dutch, and British imperial centuries. A few of them are connected to the Chola era. You can indulge in sandy beaches and tourism in solitude because this serene region is usually unoccupied by tourists. The sole disadvantage is the need for more eateries and dining possibilities.


During King Pandukabhaya’s administration, Sri Lanka’s headquarters was Panduwasnuwara, a medieval city in the Kurunegala province. The city kept a wisdom tooth antique, which is an emblem of royalty and without which the ruler or the queen cannot be accepted.

Panduwasnuwara has a few good attractions, although it is home to just the wreckage of the kingdom’s structures, which are scattered over 20 hectares.

Like many Sri Lankans who avoid historical towns like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, few travel to this historic settlement. It’s like taking a leisurely stroll through an old town in pieces when you walk through the Panduwasnuwara walls.

Goyambokka and Silent Beach

Besides Goyambokka and Silent Beach, which are idyllic pockets of beauty in the south, the excessive development that’s taken over nearly every square inch of this area has had no impact.

Other than lovely beaches, a small number of eateries, and some water, there are only a few activities to engage there. If all you desire to do is lounge on the beach, this is Sri Lanka’s greatest-kept mystery.

Sri Lanka is slowly becoming a more beloved vacation spot because of its gorgeous coastline, friendly individuals, and many recreational activities. Remember to include these hidden gems if you’re going to Sri Lanka soon.

With this guide to the most scenic and undiscovered spots in Sri Lanka, we have finally discovered the best off-the-beaten-track locations the country offers travelers worldwide.

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Canadian Prairies: A Photo Gallery

The Canadian Prairies (usually referred to as simply the Prairies in Canada) is a region in Western Canada. It includes the Canadian portion of the Great Plains and the Prairie Provinces, namely:

  • Alberta – a province floating on an underground sea of oil and gas. The Rocky Mountains and foothills on its western flank, two metropolitan cities in the middle, cowboy culture in the south, vast forests to the north, and green farmland in the center and east.
  • Saskatchewan – Canada’s agricultural breadbasket with wide-open skies, thousands of recreational lakes, huge natural parks, and two compact main cities.
  • Manitoba – home to more history and heritage, plus several of the continent’s largest lakes. The south is mostly farmland with some woodlands, and in the north, you have vast forest wilderness leading to tundra, polar bears, and beluga whales along the Hudson Bay coast.

Prairies landscape

Welcome to Canadian Prairies

Map of the Canadian Prairies

Photo by Wikiepedia under CCBYSA 3.0

These provinces are partially covered by grasslands, plains, and lowlands, mostly in the southern regions.

Though the word “prairie” means grassland, this region also contains mountains, hills, lakes, shoreline, and metropolitan cities.

Viaduct Bridge Valley Railroad, Alberta, Canada

Before You Go

Travel to the Prairies is precisely the opposite of an archetypal British “city break” to Spain, Central Europe, etc., with its cheap short-haul flights and railways, compact historic city centers full of castles and churches, and cheap drinks and accommodations.

Watrous, Saskatchewan

Here distances are vast, prices are high, and the architecture is…functional. But what the region does have to offer in spades is the unique freedom that only wide-open space can provide, like a cool climate version of the Australian Outback or American Southwest.

A lightning strike in the Prairies

In fact, the best international equivalents to the Prairies in terms of landscape and climate are the Taiga and Steppes of Russia but here you’ll find a Canadian level of amenities and services, and all in English if you desire.

You can drive for an hour without seeing anyone

How To Get Here

Sunset in Manitoba

International and transcontinental flights go to Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and to a lesser extent, Regina and Saskatoon.

You can enter from the United States at numerous land crossings. Roads through the Rockies include the Trans-Canada Highway, Yellowhead Highway, and Crowsnest Pass Highway.

Canadian Rockies

From Ontario, the Trans-Canada or a detour through the United States is the only land options.

The Via Rail services from Vancouver and Toronto to Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton run twice a week on The Canadian service. Because the service is limited, the train provides more of a sightseeing service and is not practical for day-to-day traveling.

Countryside prairies

Getting Around


The best way to travel in the Prairies is by car. The Prairies are served by Highway No 1 and 16 from west to east.

There are also Via Rail services in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton. The Canadian connects these cities twice a week.

Rider Express: Bus service along the Trans-Canada Highway from Vancouver to Calgary, and between Edmonton and Regina via Saskatoon.

Other bus companies provide limited service on some other routes. Transit in the largest cities is good and it is not necessary to have a car, but in other places, it is highly recommended.

Farm life

Sunset in prairies

Day Trips

The most famous day trip in the region is also a north-south route through the Rockies: the Icefields Parkway, which is considered at “must-do” drive between Jasper and Lake Louise.

Jasper National Park, Alberta

If you’d rather see the Rockies on the horizon but drive through the Foothills where cattle ranches predominate, take the Cowboy Trail (Alberta Highway 22). A further extension north from either the Icefield or Cowboy routes this is the so-called “Scenic Route to Alaska” on Alberta Highway 40 leading to Northern Alberta.

Note: Long-distance travel by bicycle, horse, or on foot on these highways is legal but almost impossible for most people because of the distances involved. Try the Trans Canada Trail, instead, but again be mindful of the vast distances involved.

Prairie dogs

Bison in prairies

A bison herd in the prairies

Other Things To See In Canadian Prairies

Photo by Shaund CCBYSA3.0

  • Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park – a hilly island surrounded by a sea of grasslands, straddling the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, as well as the famous Dinosaur Museum at Drumheller, and the World Heritage dig site at Dinosaur Provincial Park near Brooks.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

  • The Alberta Rockies, including Banff National Park the oldest and most popular national park in Canada, famed for stunning mountain scenery such as world-renowned Lake Louise, and Jasper National Park a less crowded alternative to Banff for mountains and wildlife.

Cabin life at Lake Louise

  • Riding Mountain National Park is renowned for its “watchable” wildlife and forms the core of the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Wood Buffalo National Park – home to the rare wood bison or “buffalo”, the largest national park in Canada and UNESCO World Heritage Site, mostly inaccessible by road, but great for trekking or canoe camping.

A Bison by the water

  • Churchill – claimed as the Polar Bear and Beluga Whale Watching Capital of World, this is where the cold Arctic waters of Hudson Bay touch the Prairie provinces. Go here for a cold-weather safari.

  • Do a canoeing circuit at Lac La Biche, Alberta.
  • Shop at West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest which includes an indoor roller coaster and waterside park, cinema, bowling alley, ice rink, shooting rang, go-kart track, and more than 500 shops.
  • Try whitewater rafting in Kananaskis, Alberta.

Kananaskis Lake, Alberta

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Return To Nature: Krka National Park in Croatia

Are you a nature lover who wants to experience something unique and beautiful? Do you love waterfalls, long walks, or cycling in nature? If your answer is Yes, then it is time for Krka National Park in Croatia which is known for its series of 7 waterfalls.

If you are planning to visit Croatia, one of the places you must see is this national park.

One of the waterfalls

How To Get Here

Krka National Park is located in central Dalmatia. It consists of almost the entire course of the famous River Krka and the lower course of the river Cikola.

The northern part of national park Krka is near the town of Knin and the Dinara mountain, where the river springs. The southern part of the park, near the town of Sibenik, is where the river flows into the sea.

River Krka

Nearby are the towns of Skradin and Lozovac. There are at-least eight entrances into the Krka National Park located around the park’s various attractions.

Bike & Hike Friendly

You can visit the park by car, hiking trails, or bicycle routes. The roads to the park are well marked and connected to the main highways. Since the tourist locations are far from each other, some of them you can only visit by excursion boats.

Things To Do In Krka National Park

With a large number of sunny hours, unusual beauty of the waterfall, plenty of green areas, Krka makes for a real natural phenomenon. The National Park includes a large number of attractions that tourists visit, such as:

  • Hiking trails
  • Bike routes
  • Roman military camp
  • Waterfalls
  • Ethno Village
  • Monasteries
  • Medieval fortifications
  • Caves

Skradinski Buk

The first stop from Skradin is Skradinski Buk. You can get there by footpath, bicycle or excursion boat. This ride is in the ticket price and lasts about half an hour. The ship departs every 20 minutes. It is possible to take a dog with you to the National Park if it has protection. Also, you can visit Skradinski Buk on foot from Lozovac, but there is also a bus.

Skradinski Buk is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this national park. It got the name Buk because of the big noise, created by the water that descends through the rocks. Visitors are also allowed to swim, but only in marked places.

The characteristic of this part of the National Park is a pedestrian, one-way path almost 2 km long. The trail is circular and leads through beautiful landscapes of water and greenery.

On this trail, there are plenty of places to rest. Also, there are beautiful viewpoints that are great for photography. This road leads us over many wooden bridges. There are many mills in this part. You can also visit an ethnic village that presents old crafts.

A large number of souvenir shops and there are also restaurants. The whole footpath is well marked. There are also educational boards with useful information.

From Skradinski Buk you can go further towards the Island Visovac, or a little further Roški slap. The price of these boat trips is additionally charged.

Island Visovac

On this island, there is a monastery with the church of Our Lady of Mercy and a museum. An island rich in greenery and gardens. First of all, it is a place of prayer. You need to be decently dressed when visiting the island.

Roski Slap

Another magnificent waterfall! You can visit it by boat from the island of Visovac and Skradinski Buk, but also by car. This part of the park is known for the rocks that line one another, which is why they were named Necklaces.

From the waterfall, the road leads to a lookout point that gives a beautiful view of the Necklaces.

Krka Monastery

Photo by Sonjabgd CCBYSA3.0

A special place is known as the home of the monks. It is an Orthodox monastery. You can come here by car or boat from Roški slap. The boat ride takes about 1 hour and is extra cost (not included in your park ticket). You can visit the church and the museum.

Manojlovack Slap

Represents the most beautiful viewpoint of the National park. It is also the highest waterfall in the Krka National Park. You can visit this waterfall by car to the parking lot, and then on foot to the viewpoint.


Photo by Carole Raddato CCBYSA2.0

A characteristic of this part of the national park is the ancient Roman amphitheatre. It can be reached by car and continue with a walking tour. You can visit alone or accompanied by a guide. This amphitheatre shows the military past of this part of
the country.

Explore Skradin Town

Skradin town, Croatia

One of the entrances to the national park, as mentioned above, is Skradin. The small Mediterranean town is a great starting to visit the national park. During the season, it is very crowded due to tourists, and out of season, you will find a quiet place and a peaceful life of the locals.

With its narrow and long streets, it conquers this place. The colored tall houses, olive trees, old bicycles in front of the door make us peek into every corner. In the main street, there are many wineries. This area is known for its excellent local wine.

Besides to wineries, there are also restaurants, souvenir shops with handmade products. The donkey is an animal that represents the symbol of this area. Old stone steps lead to the landscape with a beautiful view of the marina and the river.

After this part of the city, we come to the promenade along the river. A large number of cafes and the port of boats during the season are the reason why you should walk through this part. Luxury ships sailing through this part of Europe come to Skradin for a break. They provide an unusual sight.

If we go to the other side of the promenade, we will come to a playground for children. There is also a part of the river where many swans have found their place. During the summer there is a small market, where you can buy local products such
as honey, olive oil, figs.

Note: It takes several days to tour the entire National Park. If this is your plan, the ideal solution is to find accommodation in Skradin. We offer hotel and apartment accommodation of various categories.

Plant & Animal World

Due to its pure nature, the National Park is home to various plants and animals. During the visit, we can see animals like turtles, frogs, lizards. There are more than 30 species of fish and over 200 species of birds. When we talk about plants, the most famous is the pyramidal bell that grows in the rocks and is purple.

It takes a lot of time to visit the whole national park! And after the tour, walking, feeling the freshness of the water on your skin, you will be full of impressions and thoughts.

Everyday lifestyle leaves us little time for us. The best thing today is to know how to plan your time and not forget your needs. That is the secret of love for travel.

Krka National Park is an ideal example of this and should be on your “must-see” list!

Tickets & Prices

You can buy tickets at the entrance to the National Park, at various marked places. If you want to save time, you can also buy tickets online (on the National Park’s website).

Ticket price depends on:

  • the location where you buy tickets
  • how old are you, and
  • whether you visit the park individually or in a group

An important factor that affects the price of the ticket is the period during the year when you visit the park. Prices are lower in the months outside the summer tourist season. During the winter, a large part of the national park is not open for visits.

Note: Children up to the age of seven have FREE admission.

Have you already visited this National Park? If so, what are your impressions?

Author Bio

Dragana Šuša is an economist in tourism and a freelance writer. Currently, lives and works in London. Many years of education and work in tourism she has dedicated to works with small and medium businesses. She works on the promotion and advertising of companies in tourism and hospitality through digital marketing. Her main goal is good textual content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Optimization (SMO). You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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A Look At The Top 5 Iconic Places In France

France is a country that grows on you. Once you set your foot here, you will be sorry for anyone who is not in France and is not in love. Your dreams come alive when you see some of these dreamy places.

Even the quaint olive branches in the window front of a house, add to the exquisite beauty of France. The science nerd can fall for the old school romantic. That is how irresistible the charm of France is.

There are a few places which define the tourism of France. Your trip would be incomplete without visiting them.


“I ought to be jealous of the tower; she is more famous than I am.” ~ Gustave Eiffel

Proudly jutting out from the 7th arrondissement this monument is the most visited monument in the world. It was built in 1889 for being the entrance gate in World Fair. Now it is the epitome of tourism in France.

Gustave Eiffel brilliantly modernized the whole idea of France, with just a metal structure. The three levels of the tower, are used for Michelin restaurants (1st and 2nd levels).

The third level is 906 feet high, used as an observation deck. To climb the top of Eiffel tower is on the bucket list of many, but you need to stand in tiring queues for getting your hand on the pass. You can book online if you want to avoid the hassle.


“It was like the first time I visited Versailles. There was an eeriness like I’d been there before. I don’t know if I was Louis XIV or Marie Antoinette or a lowly housekeeper, but I lived there.” ~ Maurice Minnifield

Palace of Versailles Front By Michael Plasmeier CC BY 2.5

Louis XIV was an exalted ruler. He wanted to claim his absolute monarchy. That is why he renovated his hunting lodge in the quaint village of Versailles to a luxurious castle.

He used a baroque style with a classic French touch. There were apartments for King and Queen, Chapels, Royal Opera of Versailles. A genius manifestation was creating the Hall of mirrors.

Ornamental pieces of mirrors adorn the hall where the King used to summon his courtiers. Your eyes might hurt with the rays of light reflected from the mirrors. French gardens are set in the background with graceful fountains and lush shrubs.


“Mount Blanc is the monarch of mountains; They crowned him a long time ago On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds, With a diadem of snow.” ~ Lord Byron

No verse ever written can reflect the beauty of Mont Blanc as aptly as these lines by Lord Byron. It crowns the French Alps in its magnificent glory.

At the height of 4808.73 m, it is blanketed by snow throughout the year. Chamonix is a cozy little village on your way to Mont Blanc. It is studded with charming restaurants that serve cheesy and fatty (fondue and raclette) meals to keep you warm.

Stroll through the snow-filled street and enjoy the tranquil landscape. The Valley offers opportunities for winter sports like skiing and adventure sports as well.


“Look at those vines, he said. Nature is wearing her prettiest clothes.”. ~ Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence

Image Credit

Sprawled across an area from the Italian border to lower Rhone River. It was the place where the Romans first settled outside of the Alps. For ages, it has been the nest of artists. Everyone travels here to bask in the untainted charm of quaint old towns.

The rolling hills are home to villages. A colorful field of lavender, vibrant olive grooves are the backdrop of rustic living. While walking on the stone pathways, you can ogle the scenic beauty.

There are classy restaurants that serve you healthy and delicious cuisines. Staying here during your holiday in France will give you a glimpse of the past. The mystery of historical sites and bustle of open-air- markets all will take you on a joyful ride of Provence.


“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand, there is a story of the earth.” ~ Rachel Carson

Image Credit

The wild, untamed sea always acts as an unavoidable temptation. French Riviera or the Coast of Blue starts from the Italian border and ends in Saint-Tropez.

Nice, Cannes, Monaco all these cities scream of luxury. The hot summer sun and salty breezes attract the wealthy and privileged to spend their time in the vibrant sea coasts. It also has streets that are in vogue with chic boutique and apparel stores.

The Royals of France used to prefer Biarritz which is an elegant beach town near Grande Plage beach. Virgin of Rock is unfazed by the turbulent waves of Atlantic crashing on it.

The seaside palace turned resort offers exquisite views of the sea. You can lounge on the sunny beach or spend your time at the museum, lighthouse.

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15 Interesting Things To Do In Kentucky

When most people think of Kentucky, the first two attractions that come to mind are horses and bourbon. While there is plenty of that to go around, there are other fantastic attractions which warrant some attention the next time you make a trip through the Bluegrass State.

let’s take a look at top 15 interesting things to do in Kentucky.

Keeneland Racecourse

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

If you are near Lexington in April or October, a visit to Keeneland Racecourse is in order. Founded in 1936, the track is internationally renowned both for its racing quality and its beauty.

Keeneland, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, has the world’s largest thoroughbred sales and boasts one of the world’s best horse racing reference libraries.

Kentucky Horse Park

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

Before you leave Lexington, make sure to visit the Kentucky Horse Park. A working horse farm and educational theme park, the 1,224- acre park and the equestrian facility is home to horse shows from across the world. It contains museums from multiple aspects of the horse industry and is a fantastic place for those of all ages who love the horse.

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

Bourbon Trail

On to the bourbon. In 2017, Kentucky boasted 7.5 million barrels of the drink. By contrast, the state has 4.4 million residents. It’s no wonder most of the distilleries have a free taste testing.

The Bourbon Trail consists of 14 distilleries, all of which have their own unique feel. Don’t drink? Don’t worry. The beautiful landscapes and history make the trail a great trip for anyone.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, in Harrodsburg, consists of 3,000 acres of some of the most beautiful sights the Bluegrass State can offer. Home to the third largest Shaker community in the United States between 1805 and 1910, this National Historic Landmark offers everything from hiking to horseback riding, museum tours, and garden planning.  It’s also home to one of the best restaurants and hotels in the area.


Sports fan can get their fill in the River City – Louisville — where legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was born and raised. The Muhammad Ali Center is dedicated to his life while also working to inspire people to pursue greatness in their own lives.

The National Corvette Museum showcases the Chevrolet Corvette, an American sports car that has been in production since 1953. It is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, off Interstate 65’s Exit 28.

Just down the street from the center is the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, which showcases baseball’s most famous bat.

A couple more miles down Main Street and you can see that bat in action with the Louisville Bats, Kentucky’s only AAA minor-league baseball team.

Also, while you’re in Louisville, take a trip to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, and visit the Kentucky Derby Museum. It highlights winners of the “fastest two minutes in sports” and is a great stop for those who love horses and horse racing.

Paducah, nestled between the Ohio River and Land Between the Lakes regions in western Kentucky, is home to the National Quilt Museum.

Entertaining tourists from across the globe, the museum not only exhibits extraordinary quilted works but also stresses the education and advocacy of quilting and the importance of introducing the art form to future generations.

Natural Bridge State Park

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

For the outdoor enthusiast, Kentucky will make you feel right at home.

Natural Bridge State Park lies a little over an hour east of Lexington and is a part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, which covers 635,000 acres and over 600 miles of hiking trails.

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

The natural sandstone arch spans 78 ft and is 65 ft high. The park consists of 2,250 acres and offers many trails, guided backpacking trips, and natural history educational programs.

It is buttressed by Red River Gorge which is National Natural Landmark and National Archaeological District and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The multitude of cliff lines in Red River Gorge has made it one of the world’s top rock-climbing destinations.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

The Daniel Boone National forest also holds Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in the south-eastern portion of the state.

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

The Park contains over 1,600 acres of land with a 50-site campground, a lodge, and is home to the 68-foot-tall Cumberland Falls and the 44-foot-tall Eagle Falls. But what it is internationally known for is its moonbow.

Known as the “Niagara of the South”, Cumberland Falls exhibits a phenomenon not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere when a white arc crosses its 125-foot wide expanse during full moons.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Near the appropriately named Cave City, is home to the longest cave system in the world, with more than 400 miles of passageways. Tours are available for spelunkers of all levels; from easy, strolling tours to the Wild Cave Tour, along with underground boat tours. Eighty-four miles of hiking trails roam the park’s almost 53,000 acres.

Surrounding the park are a variety of other attractions, from riding stables to Kentucky Down Under — which showcases animals from Australia — to Dinosaur World, which exhibits life-size models of dinosaurs.

So the next time you are planning a vacation, make sure to keep Kentucky in mind with its many charms that can entertain anyone of any age.

Author Bio

Jordan Strickler is a digital marketer, blogger, agricultural writer and a lifetime resident of Kentucky, but loves traveling outside of the Bluegrass State to see what the world has to offer. An avid reader, he says he does not have a book problem, but rather bookshelf problems.

When not writing about agriculture, he loves writing about travel, science and fictional stories whenever he really feels creative. You can connect with Jordan on Twitter @JordanS1981.

A Traveler’s Guide to Malaga, Spain

Overlooked for decades by tourists flocking to resorts on the Costa del Sol, Malaga has come of age and is now ready to rival Europe’s best when it comes to quality of life for its citizens.

Named the European Capital of Culture in 2016, Malaga has every right to be pleased with the way Mayor Francisco de la Torre has turned a once-gritty port into a 21st-century city.

Photo: Malaga Port / The Art of Travel Partners

Malaga Travel Guide

Today Malaga is brimming with a youthful vigor following a multimillion renovation of the city’s port (pictured above) that includes the giant glass cubed Pompidou Centre, the museums first venture outside of France.

The city that gave the world Picasso also has its own Soho art district and a branch of the St. Petersburg State Museum that includes a collection of Russian art that spans five centuries.

Photo: Christmas in Malaga / The Art of Travel Partners

Malaga is also proud of its multi-layered past that encompasses several civilizations dating back to the Phoenicians. Where else in the world could you find a boutique hotel squeezed between a Moorish fortress and a Roman amphitheater?

Packed with bars and restaurants that would rival Madrid, Malaga has a food culture that embraces humble tapas bars and Michelin star seeking restaurants serving the freshest of seafood.

Photo: Eating fish in Malaga / The Art of Travel Partners 

In fact, the natives eat so much fish that the local football team is known as the Boquerones (Spanish fried Anchovy).

Things To Do In Malaga

Málaga has become a well-known place for visiting art galleries, historical sites, and monuments in the South of Europe.

Start your tour of Malaga on the northern side of the Paseo del Parque where you can see Roman, Arab, and Renaissance culture side by side.


Photo: Islamic Architecture / The Art of Travel Partners

Built above a Roman amphitheater is the Alcazaba Fortress from where the Moors ruled Malaga for over 700 years.

Photo: Alcazaba Fortress / The Art of Travel Partners

Roman Theater

Situated under the Alcazaba facing a small plaza are the beautiful remains of an old Roman theater. You can view them anytime from the overlook in the plaza, but if you want to get up close you can enter the attached building, where you’ll be shown a short film and view some artifacts before entering the theater itself, where you can walk past the old stage and sit on the stone steps. FREE.

Castillo de Gibralfaro

Further, up Gibralfaro hill you will come to the magnificent Castillo de Gibralfaro, a fortress that dates back to the 10th century with panoramic views of the city below.

Museo de Malaga

For a look into the civilizations that called Malaga home visit the impressive Museo de Malaga in the Palacio de la Aduana, a neoclassical building built in the style of an Italian Renaissance palace.

Here you will discover artifacts dating back thousands of years and a collection of paintings from Spain’s greatest artists.

Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum is located close to the Plaza de la Merced in the Old Town and features 233 pieces spanning 80 years of the artist’s life.

Photo: Picasso Museum / The Art of Travel Partners

Picasso’s Birthplace

Museo Casa Natal de Picasso, as it is called locally has loads of objects and some paintings that the most famous artist of the 20th century created during his childhood.

Museo Carmen Thyssen

If you are interested in learning more about the 19th-century Spanish art a visit to the Museo Carmen Thyssen is a must with the museum’s permanent collection containing 230 paintings.

Centre Pompidou Malaga

Photo: Centre Pompidou Malaga / The Art of Travel Partners

Modern art enthusiasts will love the cubist Centre Pompidou Malaga an offshoot of the popular Parisian museum showcasing contemporary works of art.

Malaga Cathedral

Located right in the heart of the city center and well worth visiting.

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

Nearby Attractions

Malaga has exceptional road and motorway links, making it an excellent base for exploring the nearby villages and towns.

Wonderful drives inland reveal the hidden gems of this region, with small restaurants nestling in the hills where you can experience a truly authentic taste of Andalucia.

There are also several tourist holiday resorts within reach, such as:

  • Torremolinos
  • Marbella
  • Nerja

Photo: Nerja / The Art of Travel Partners

Rock Climb

There is lots of great rock climbing in and around Malaga.

Photo: El Caminito del Rey / The Art of Travel Partners

The amazing El Chorro gorge is 50 minutes drive to the North West and this also features the King’s little pathway (aka El Caminito del Rey), an amazing pathway suspended high above the gorge.

There is also Via Ferrata and rock climbing at El Torcal near Antequera.


The nearest beach to the center is La Malagueta. Please note, La Malagueta is fine for a day’s sunbathing although quieter and prettier beaches can be found further east or west.

It can be a nice walk along the waterfront to reach these beaches, otherwise, you could get a bus from near the Bullring in the direction of El Palo.

Photo: Bullring / The Art of Travel Partners

Note: Malaga East tends to have smaller beaches while Malaga West have long stretches of beaches.

Best Time To Visit

With an average of 320 days of sunshine a year Malaga is the perfect place for a weekend getaway and with just about every low-cost airline serving the city you have no excuse not to visit.

With so much to see and do in this exciting city, Malaga is worth a visit at any time of the year.

Photo: Life in Malaga / The Art of Travel Partners

Getting Around

From the airport, you have several options for getting into the city. You can take the airport express bus to the city center or a train from the airport to Malaga-Centro Alameda Station. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or rent a car from one of the many car companies operating out of the airport.

Once in Malaga getting around is easy with most of the places you want to visit all within walking distance. Malaga also has an extensive cycle lane network with rental bike pickup and drop off locations throughout the city.

A great way to see the best of what the city has to offer including a ride out to the beach is to take the hop-on-hop-off bus. The bus stops at all the major attractions and allows you to ride as much as you want for a one-off fee.

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Pacific Paradise of Bora Bora: A First Timer’s Travel Guide

It is completely reasonable to be overwhelmed with the sheer size of French Polynesia. The vast assembly of islands stretches across the South Pacific and boasts at least 118 islands, with a healthy number of dispersed atolls, islets and reefs to boot.

Bora Bora Travel Guide

The capital of this impressive grouping of five archipelagos lies on the island of Tahiti and it is called Papeete. This will almost certainly be the first urban area you witness before you land at the city airport and embark on the long boat ride to Bora Bora.

If you have never visited this treasure trove of natural wonders before, get ready to be blown away and read this first timer’s guide to the Pacific paradise of Bora Bora.

Bora Bora: A Pacific Paradise

Bora Bora is more than just a beautiful island. Beautiful would be an understatement. Also, did you know that even though most people around the world call Bora Bora an island, it is technically a small cluster of small islands.

The central island is surrounded by a narrow lagoon and a barrier reef, and from the bird’s view perspective, it is easy to imagine that this volcanic formation was once one whole body of land above water.

The main island has two extinct volcanic peaks – Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, that stretch 727 meters above water. Understandably, Bora Bora is notorious for being pricey, but considering how utterly beautiful it is, the ‘attendance’ is well worth the price.

Kat Kellner (CC BY 2.0)

A bit of history

The mesh of French influences and Polynesian roots can confuse certain newcomers, so it is good to be familiar with at least the superficial historical context.

The latest archeological research has shown that the first Polynesian settlers came to this island in the 4th century, and James Cook sighted the island in 1769.

However, even though the first sightings were made by Dutch and English captains, it ended up as part of the overseas collectivity of France.

Beyond that, most of its history was pretty placid, with one notable exception – Bora Bora was an important strategic location for the US during World War II.

 Kat Kellner (CC BY 2.0)

A place for romance

Countless honeymooners around the world flock to Bora Bora because of its incredible concealed beaches and enchanting lagoons.

Its powdery white stands that stretch into the water and tall palm trees that are positioned perfectly to offer a shade from the tropical sun are the epitome of the archetypal ocean getaway.

The luxurious overwater villas are crafted to blend perfectly with the surroundings, and they have become the signature ‘mascots’ of the island. It’s not a coincidence that the legendary sailor James Cook dubbed it the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’.

Activities galore

Even though Bora Bora doesn’t have impressive urbanity or a hectic nightlife, it is still a rich playground filled with countless activities around every corner.

If you move out of the vicinity of your accommodations and look for interesting things to do in Bora Bora, you will hardly have a single minute of free time, especially if you are a ‘completionist’.

From jet-ski adventures to daring deep diving challenges and long hikes into the ruin-littered jungles, Bora Bora has a bit of everything for anyone.

Kiteboarding is becoming a very popular activity and it is mostly practiced at the southern tip of Matira. If you are too tired yet you want to explore every inch of the volcanic caldera, you can rent a bike or small terrain vehicles and jeeps to drive around the main island and reach the most interesting locations.

Of course, if you want to revel in sheer, unadulterated hedonism, the idyllic beaches and delightful restaurants are strewn about in all their glory.

Gourmet paradise

While we are on the topic of food, Bora Bora has some truly incredible world-class restaurants. Don’t be fooled by the remote geographic location of the island group – the chefs have mostly been through trial by fire in all the corners of the world and they have developed their own signature culinary expression.

The dishes mix local Polynesian traditions with the influences of French cuisine, which means that you will get a healthy mix of the adventurously exotic and the deliciously familiar in equal measure.

Falling in love with Bora Bora is the easiest thing to do. Parting with the island is a completely different matter.

It won’t take you long to become utterly enamored with the white sand beaches and vibrant turquoise waters of this destination, and you will begin planning for the swiftest possible return long before you board the plane to return home.

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Marie spends most of her free time at home walking her Labrador Retriever named Max. She is an avid lover of photography and a regular author at High Style Life. You can find Marie and follow her on Twitter.

5 Must See Places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria can be an affordable place to travel. You don’t have to worry about the pricey hotels and good food. Everything will cost you a reasonable amount. The gorgeous coastline of the Black Sea and affordability has made Bulgaria a lovely destination. It houses some beautiful places. It has more than the beaches. You will be enchanted with the quiet countryside atmosphere of this nation.


The ancient name of Sozopol is Apollonia. It was the temple of Greek God Apollo in the sixth century BC. With a history so rich, you will think this town has incredible architecture. But let us warn you, it is not that way.  You can find pretty wooden houses which line the streets.

The small town is also a fishermen’s village. The coastline of Black Sea has made it appropriate for fishing. The daily activity of fishing will buzz your senses. The loading and unloading of quays with varieties of fish is great to watch. You can walk around the town soaking up its feel, or you can take a dip in the sea.


Things we do for love! Seven lakes in Bulgaria is also related to a tale of love. A Giant female cried for her lover. And that led to a myriad of seven lakes which are embedded in the Rila mountain. It is an enchanting scene of green landscape and colorful wildflowers leading you to transparent blue water.

The lakes are located on the mountain. Streams and rivers connect the lake. Reaching the lakes is not an easy task. You can use skiing to motor across the snowy slopes. Be careful. Make sure you visit during March – May. Because it can be frozen during the rest of the year.


Bulgaria is all about small town charm. But the list will not be complete if we don’t mention the smallest town. Melnik is a cute countryside town surrounded by rocky mountain. When you are here, you can get high on the Melnik rocks or High on the red wine.

The Melnik Konak by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

This town is popular for its wineries. Don’t miss to taste some delicious country wine. When your head buzzes, you can walk up to your hotel Elli Greco, which can offer you a spa. If you can muster up yourself, you can stroll along the narrow alleyways or visit the Rozhen monastery.


Menebria sports a fantastic coastline. Did you get confused? We are talking about Nessebar. Menebria is the ancient name given to it be the Greeks, Ottomans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Romans. It is a World Heritage site. Because of the strategic location of the town, it has been coveted by rulers over the history.

The place holds many memories of past. There are around forty churches which you can visit. Only ruins of them remain after so many years. But you will find it arrestingly beautiful.


Are you still a little girl at heart? Do you want to put on your glass slippers and walk in the fortress? Then Belogradchik will give you that chance. It can be a quirky spot to let your childhood dreams come alive. This rock fortress is made up of many rock structures.

Belogradchik fortress by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

With yellow flowers blooming on fringes of the rocks, the fortress looks picturesque. It was nominated by Bulgaria for Seven Wonders of the world.

5 Things to do in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs have been a popular tourist hub for celebrities. They tour around the sunny city in California. You can also have the time of your life when you visit Palm Springs. It offers you chic boutiques, vintage restaurants, and thrilling adventure sports.

You can pamper yourself at luxury spas. There is a tad many things you can indulge yourself in. Let us have a look at what we can do at the Hollywood playground.


Palm springs is a desert. There are many species which have lived here over the years. When you drive through the Living Desert, you will come across beautiful animal life. The Mexica wolf which was declared extinct in 1981 can be seen here.

Image Credit

Steps are being taken to revive the species. Not only the Mexican wolf but many other endangered species are conserved with the effort of local volunteers. Many people donate some sum to save the species. The signs you will see portray the name of benefactors.


You will be amazed by the giant San Jacinto mountains. Imagine climbing the height of 8600 feet. We know you will not be so eager to do that climb. But don’t worry you do not need to strain your legs. Francis Crocker had a quirky idea of making a cable car that would take you up from the Coachella Valley.

It is named the Palm Springs tramway. The route it takes is from the valley to the tip of the mountain. There is classy restaurant “ Peaks “ waiting for you at the station. Cable car taking you through the Eagle route is the largest rotating tram in the world.


Southern California has tons of places you can savor the French cuisine. But on the top of the list is Le Paon. You can walk in the classic restaurant with a warm atmosphere. Located in the El Paseo. It overlooks fancy shopping options. You can have a table on the first floor.

Southern California has tons of places you can savor the French cuisine. Antoine will welcome you with a warm smile, and you can bite into the decadence of Eddie’s French dishes. Citon restaurant is another option where you can have an open air table. Delight in the popular Napa wine. Enjoy the sheer luxury of stardom here.


We mentioned the region having top hotels. But did we say that it is the shopping capital in Palm Springs? You will be spellbound by seeing all the brand names in one place. From Ralph Lauren to Kate Spade.

Bay street shopping mall emeryville by Mercurywoodrose CC BY-SA 3.0

Not only is it rich in elegant boutiques it has amazing sidewalk cafes. Just take a break from the shopping spree and relax. If you are out for a whole day, there are many affordable places you can lunch. The shiny and posh blocks featuring gorgeous storefronts will make you wish you had a platinum card to swipe.


We did not make the ride sound interesting. That does not mean it is not interesting. San Andreas fault is one of the misshaped places in the world. It is really unpredictable when the ground beneath you might start to tremble. The North American and Pacific tectonic plates align themselves here.

Cement Plant Road Overcrossing – panoramio by Kurt Minard CC BY-SA 3.0

The landscape is thoroughly uneven. So, it is sure that your ride will be bumpy. But it is a place of geographical importance to visit. You can visit the nearby village. People settled here centuries ago. Have a look at their way of life. It will be an all-around trip.

7 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination. The reason behind it is the gorgeous natural beaches and the lovely tropical climate. Travelers from everywhere flock here. Bali sees ten million tourists each year.

There are numerous islands present in Indonesia. You can’t help but love Indonesia. It is the top place for tourists in Southeast Asia. There are some facts about Indonesia that you might not know. We bring them to you.


It might be a shock to know as facts about Indonesia that a country now flourishing was once under the rule of others. But yes, Indonesia was in clutches of the Spanish, Dutch, British, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian. It was colonized by many. Still, it does not acknowledge any of the languages. They don’t speak Japanese, Portuguese or Dutch. Yay to Bahasa, It is their national language.

Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia by Hulivili CC BY 2.0


Indonesia has 17,508 islands. It can be called a collection of islands. The area spans from Asia to Australia. Numerically speaking the area is 1,919,440 square kilometers. With a land so huge how can you think of traveling fast? It will take you twelve hours to move from one end of the country to the other(on the flight). Take a deep breath before you get on the plane.


We are not talking about a time travel movie. The truth is Indonesia is so vast that it covers three time zones. There is Indonesian central time that is UTC+8:00. Next is Indonesian eastern time – UTC+9:00. Indonesian western time is UTC+7:00. The time in Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra will be different from each other.

Komodo Island north aerial by jon hanson CC BY-SA 2.0


Indonesia is full of natural diversity. It has varieties of flora and fauna. Rafflesia Arnoldi is in Indonesia. The scientist J Raffles invented the flower. The rare flower is a parasitic one. It can be seen in the rainforests of Sumatra. If you are in Indonesia, you should not miss looking at Raflessia-The largest bloom on earth.

Rafflesia arnoldi by Rendra Regen Rais CC BY-SA 3.0


You can plan on visiting the lovely country. But at your risk. The location of Indonesia is such that it triggers a regular earthquake. It is in the region of Ring of fire. From the eastern fringes of Pacific ocean to deep waters of the western Indian Ocean. The tectonic plates between this region shift regularly. That is why earthquakes are an everyday occurrence here. You might feel a vibration or two while here.


An Indonesian has to embrace religion. It has six religions which are acknowledged by the government. You can be a Muslim, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Confucian. If you are neither one of those, you cannot marry. It is even prohibited to marry outside your religion. Marriages can be held between the same religion. It is a Muslim country. Hence the traditions are conservative.

Masjid Raya Medan by a_rabin CC BY 2.0


The rainforests of Indonesia cover only 1% of the earth. But you will be surprised to see the biodiversity in such a small area. It has 10% of plant species on earth. It is also a sanctuary for many endangered species. It is the only place where you can see Komodo dragons. A Sumatran tiger prowling in the forests can be seen specifically here.

A place where elephants, Tigers, Orangutans, Rhinos live in harmony. Hope you liked our article on facts about Indonesia. Leave comments!

5 Best Places to Visit in Ethiopia

“Ethiopia” the name itself sounds like a Utopia. It is an African country which has struggled a lot. Recently it is coming out of a crisis. You can stay here safe and happy. There is less fear of being mugged. Ethiopia is not only about feeding Hyenas it is so much more than that. Here are some things you can do in Ethiopia.

The Bath of the Queen of Sheba, Axum, Ethiopia by A. Davey CC BY 2.0


The ancient history of Aksumite empire is to be respected. It is old in respect of culture as well as language. Imagine the Ark of Covenant!That is what Axum is. It is the location of the Ark of the covenant. You will find the ruins in Ethiopia.

At The Bus, Axum, Ethiopia by A. Davey CC BY 2.0

The relics of past are the center of attraction in Axum.There are a lot of historical sites you can visit.You can go for a shortened tour if you are not so interested in it.If mountains interest you more then hike the mountains to visit the mountains.


This is a famous African city.It is the location where the meetings of African Union take place.It is cheap in Africa.So you should not worry about the prices.The markets here ae well known.So, have fun with your shopping. It has architectural epics.Addis Ababa has lovely churches, and beautiful mosques to see.You cannot help but feel pumped when you see the active nightlife here.Like any city in Africa, it is safe and cheap here.So have a fun stay at Addis Ababa in Africa.

Lion of Judah, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Rjruiziii CC BY-SA 3.0


It is the well-known tourist destination in Ethiopia. The place has so many alleyways that you can walk through it for a year. It’s Like something you will find in The Horn. There is something you ought to do when you are here. Feeding the Hyenas is a thing which tourists will hesitate to do. But if you are adventurous enough, go for it. The place is not a big party destination. It is one of the holy cities for Muslims. You will find magnificent architecture in the mosques. It is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

Street in Harar by Ahron de Leeuw CC BY 2.0


Gondar is a city which is full of history.The old castles seem to be a token of past.It has developed to be a modern town.The history is not the only thing in Gondar.The beauty of Ethiopia is in the Simien Mountains. The mountain tops reflect the beauty of castles around it.This city has history and natural beauty.You will love the stunning scenery here.You can hike up the ranges too.There is a monastery at the end of the city is called Gorgora.


You can ride on the route of Addis to Harar.The 70 km road leads you to the south of Ethiopia.The tiny shade houses are impressive to watch.There are shops which have flowers and vegetables.The lake Ziway on the countryside is gorgeous to watch. The multi-colored Oromo tombs seem like a dream around the lake.Enjoy your trip to Ethiopia.The history, cathedrals, tombs, scenic beauty will give you a peaceful break.

5 Exotic Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia mirrors the true Arabian culture. It is a conservative country. You will have to respect the rich traditions of Arabian people. Saudi Arabia is more than the Sheikhs. You will enjoy the coastal beauties and exotic sceneries of the country. Visit these mind blowing places and you will want to go there again and again.


Saudi Arabia might be known as the country of the elite class. Everyone likes to live in luxury here. Farasan Island has many beaches which are privately owned by many billionaires. You can visit the sunny beach. Enjoy the salty breeze while you watch beautiful birds. It is a heaven for bird watchers.

Farasan Islands by Wajahat Mahmood CC BY-SA 2.0

There are a variety of mangrove species on the islands. You can discover it in your time. Not only does this islands provide you natural beauty but it also has historical sites worth a visit.


Challenge the horizon on this majestic place. The name perfectly fits the place. “Edge of the World” it is something you would hear in a movie or book. In reality, it is a vast expanse of golden sands. Cliffs of Tuswaiq Escarpment change to plains littered Acacia trees.

It feels as if the sands go on and on.For adventure, you can trek on dangerous cliffs of Tuwaiq. The view of the sunset from the top is priceless. Orange twinge washes over the golden plains.


The defining feature of the place is tombs of Nabatean people. An area is made immemorial by its history and natural beauty. Madain Saleh has all of it. The age old tombs abound in history. Its scenic setting makes it excellent.

Madain Saleh by Sammy Six CC BY 2.0

You can also visit the nearby town Al-Ula. It is an oasis which boasts a mud village. You will feel the history with the primitive tokens of past. There are many museums which will enrich your knowledge.


The wonderful winds blow over the crater. It is situated 700 kilometers south of Riyadh. The area is covered in lava fields. It is a unique beauty of nature. The salts pans are spread across the landscape.

Wahbah Crater by SariSabban CC BY-SA 3.0

You will find an oasis in the region too. Just pitch your tent here. Enjoy the fantastic scenery.


Exotic is the word which represents Saudi Arabia. Taif is a city of the mountain. The wonderful portrait of haunting peaks will greet your window. Taif has been taken out of your dream. The flowers across the valleys make a rosy picture. You will catch a whiff of roses as you walk through the city.

Taifroad by Richard Ambler CC BY-SA 3.0

It is placed unlike anywhere else in the world. Saudi Arabia is not just roses. You will also get a chance of trekking and mountaineering here.

Top 5 Exotic Places in Cyprus

Cyprus is a tiny island with immense historical importance. Because of its geographical location, it has been the center of attraction for many rulers. Every great ruler coveted to rule this country. Those who held it in power had glory.

It is not about just archaeological sites, but the stretches of sands are also attractive. The ancient churches, mysterious castles and incredible flora and fauna are charms of Cyprus. You can visit it without any rush. It is not so huge that you will miss out anything. But it has many gems which need to be explored.


The mysterious castle is perched on St Hilarion. Legends say that a fairy resided in this castle. She used to lure farmers. The rocky climb to the castle will be worth it. You will find chambers and secret passages which lead to Top of the mountain.

Saint Hilarion Castle by Chris06 CC BY-SA 4.0

The view from the peak is ethereal. It is just like a fairy island. You will want to keep this Castle on the top of the list. Nothing like this can be found in Cyprus.


A picture clicked in front of the orchid blooms of Cape Greco will be breathtaking. It is located on the southern coast of Cyprus. You can stay in Agia Napa.

Cape Greco by Anna Anichkova CC BY-SA 3.0

The orchid blooms are found east of the resort during spring. The turquoise blue sea beyond it is in stark contrast with the colorful orchids. You can follow the walking trails till you reach the easternmost point of Cyprus.


The untrodden area of Cyprus. You will not find a crowd in these roads. This area is hidden away from the population. Secluded among the ruins and sandy beaches Karpas is your getaway.

Image Credit

You can uncover the historic sites which are yet to be discovered. Ride to Agia Triada, which has ancient mosaics. Then you can lounge on the series of beaches. The queen of them being the Golden beach.


Do you want to feel the sea? An endless stretch of blue will greet your eyes. There are many cafes which are present near the harbor. You can walk along the criss-cross streets. The old houses are now either in ruins or shut down by wooden panels.

You can feel the exotic atmosphere. The architecture here is influenced by Ottoman style. At the top of Kyrenia Castle, you can see the bustling activity of the harbor.


The quaint villages form a myriad in the Trodoos mountain. They are built from stone. The huts are here from the medieval centuries. You can see the amazing paintings from that era. The narrow path joins the huts. That gives a rustic feel.

Some of the Villages are even listed on World Heritage sites of UNESCO. Numerous monasteries and churches are spread throughout the villages. You should surely visit Church of Archangelos Michall (Pedoulas).

5 Must Visit Natural Beauty of Philippines

A Country of gorgeous islands. The Philippines is attracting many tourists over the past few years. The population is booming. You will find twenty volcanoes which are active here. The weather is not trustworthy in the Philippines. Some day you will get a sunny weather but most of the days typhoons are ruling the island. You can visit the beautiful nation. The places which it offers have a magical beauty to it. Explore.


They rest on the mountain Lfugao. The primitively built steps are a delight to walk on. You will witness two thousand years of bygone glory. It was made with few tools. Till now people walk on them to go up to the mountains to plant. It is known as rice terraces because rice is planted on the mountains. No artificial thing made here to attract tourists. Nature is enough to pull you in.


No! We are not talking about ice cream. We are talking about Mount Mayon. It is naturally shaped like an ice cream cone. But trust us, it is not filled with vanilla. It is an unpredictable active volcano. Don’t go too near it. It erupts frequently. That evacuates the nearby towns. But once you have a look at it, you will know that the risk was worth it. The national park surrounding is full of diversity. Visit the island of Luzon to take a look at the Perfect cone.


It is a national park that will steal your breath away. Your trip is going to be a lot more interesting if you visit the scenery of Puerto Princesa. The reserve has a set of age-old caves. Pray to God that you don’t get lost in them. They are too complex to figure out. Inside those caves runs an underground river. It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? You can hire a boat and have a look at the nearby landscape. Beware of the thousands of bats which inhabit the caves!

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National park by Charima312017 CC BY-SA 4.0


If you are starting to salivate at the prospect of Chocolate Hills, please don’t! The hills are not edible, sadly. Bohol has a colony of around a thousand hills. The grass which grows on them is naturally green. But during the dry season, it fades to a brown color. The hills get a brown covering of grass. From far it looks like heaps of chocolate. They are yummy to look at. Hills are not very high. So maybe you can climb them. It will feel good to be at the top of chocolate hills. If you are visiting the Philippines in the dry season, make sure to have a look at Bohol.


Tubbatah is a secluded place. You can best visit it during March to June. It can be a hard place to reach. It is going to take you a liveaboard boat to get you to this location. But after you reach here, is just nature and you. You can dive into Tubattah and watch the underwater glory. The coral reefs are a wonder to watch.

TubbatahaReef by Philip Maise CC BY-SA 4.0

The diverse marine life will be a pleasure to watch.

7 Interesting Facts About Tanzania

Tanzania is an African country. It is located on the eastern side of the continent. It is not an affluent country. It does not have a thriving economy. It is not as huge in size too. But Tanzania is a lovely place to see the beauty of nature. It has got a dense area covered with vegetation. Many varieties of animals live in here, even the species which are fifty-five million years old. Yes, you heard it right. There are a lot of interesting facts about the country.


You may say “I will visit Tanzania when Elephants start to swim.” If you do, then go visit Tanzania. Because elephants which wander in the forests of Tanzania used to be sea cows. The species of Dugongs have evolved. 55 million years ago they used to swim in the rivers of forests. They were 3.5 meters long. What a sight it would have been to see elephants swim. Alas, you can’t see that but you can see a lot of wild elephants for sure.


Talk about peace! Tanzania might not be rich regarding money, but it has got peace in spades. There are a lot of ethnic groups here. One hundred and twenty to be precise. Gogo, Christianity, Sukuma, Haya and many more groups reside here. The surprising thing is this country has never experienced a civil war.


Tanzania has an immensely rich wildlife. The plantations are bountiful. It is a relieving to watch the country dedicate twenty-five of its land area to conservation. Many developing countries are finding new reasons for cutting plants. But Tanzania has taken the responsibility of preserving its natural heritage. The largest reserve in Africa is Selous game reserve.


It will not bite you. Don’t be afraid by the mere size of it. Tanzania is home to the biggest coconut crab in the world. You should not be intimidated by it. Just try a recipe of it. You will love how it melts in your mouth. It is found on Chumbe Island. Don’t wait. Head to Zanzibar and taste the largest delicious coconut crab in history.


The number of tourists visiting Tanzania has increased not because of its good relations with different countries but because of its rich nature. It has the highest mountain in Africa. The Mount Kilimanjaro pierces the sky. It is 19,341 feet above sea level. It can be bathed in the snow at cold time of the year.


We know that Tanzania is popular for its wildlife. It has got the highest concentration of wildlife animals in Africa. It has a total of four million animals. There are four hundred and thirty species of mammals alone. Around a thousand species of birds are found in the reserves. Many wild animals can be seen in Tanzania. From water birds to hippo, warthog to the crocodile. You can see wildness of nature.

Image Credit


Do you have an interest in archaeology? Then you will love this piece of information about Tanzania. The evidence of earliest human existence is found here. Olduvai Gorge is a must visit for archaeologists.

It is nestled between Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater. In 1959 the first hominin skull was unearthed by Mary Leakey.

6 Most Dangerous Places to Travel

Our world is a strange place to be in. It is not a bed of roses. There are many dangerous places which will scare you. If you are looking for adrenaline, be sure that this places will give you that. The badass in you will squeal at the prospect of this dangerous places. Live your holiday with an edge to it. Below listed places are deadly either by nature or by human atrocities.


You can test your endurance in the cruel of ways. The temperature soars to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot winds blowing across the desert will parch your throat. You will be met by a vast expanse of barren landscape.

Don’t be fooled by the barren scene ahead of you. Walking on the colorful landscape is tempting. You will be tricked by nature as well as people. The crime rates in the nearby region are terribly high. Many travelers go to Danakil seeking adventure.


The name aptly describes the type of passage it is. You will wind down the dangerous road to meet your doom. Travelers and cyclists attempt to make this 11,000-foot path. You will just go down and down on the road.

The steady decline of height will make control impossible. Challenging the gravity is something adrenaline junkies have attempted yet failed. Three hundred motorists and cyclists die each year on Death Road.



Are you a fan of Star Wars? Then you will recognize the farm buildings here. The idea of the planet was taken from Tataouine. The area has an alien feel to it. That is the reason George Walker made his set on this land. Skywalker buildings still stay here.

The place comes in the way of the most violent group of history-ISIS. The jihadists travel through this way. Take care if you are anywhere near. Traveling here might not put the fear of God in you, but it will put the fear of Jihadists in you.


Located in Iceland. It is second largest in the country. The dangerous thing about it is what lies beneath it. Tectonic plates are unreliable. The tremors hit anytime they want. It recently erupted in 2014.

Bárðarbunga Volcano, September 4 2014 by peterhartree CC BY-SA 2.0

The thrill of unknown barren landscape lures travelers. If you want to be adventurous, go there. But don’t be a fool. Going too near can lead to intake of poisonous gasses.


It sounds like a beautiful Indian name, doesn’t it? Its beauty is lethal. The top of the city is a dream come true. Tetragonal paragons are clustered upon each other. The Old part of city proclaims the glory of bygone days.

Sana, Yemen By yeowatzup  CC BY 2.0

The capital of Yemen is an architectural masterpiece. But it is declared unsafe to travel by British and American authorities. You never know when someone will slit your throat or gun you down. Now terrorism rules the ancient corners of the city. Travel at your own risk.

5 Must Do Things in Turkey

Turkey revels in the glory of the bygone period. It has tokens from Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Byzantine period. Historical heritage is not the only attraction in Turkey. The vivid sceneries and diverse climate add an unusual beauty to it. It is located between the two giants- Asia and Europe. The capital is Ankara. When you travel to Turkey, do not miss out these places.


The serene stretch of land greeting your eyes will amaze you. The white terraces are a stark contrast to the green scenery throughout. Pamukkale is a world-class tourist destination. You should see this once in your lifetime. It seems like the stairs that will lead you to heaven.

But sadly they don’t. Instead, there is a Roman ruin on top the stone hill. The Roman Hierapolis is present at the peak. The white stairs are called travertine. They have been created from calcium deposit of the nearby spring. Visit this unique natural wonder.


It is one of the best paragliding location not only in Turkey but also in the world. Oludeniz is covered from all sides with natural barriers. The Babadag mountains rise above the shore of Oludeniz. White sandy beaches are a perfect spot to lounge in the sun.

Sometimes the beach can become stuffy. You can resort to paragliding then. Jump off the dense cliffs of mountain and experience the stunning view. Under you is dark blue water and green mountains rise around you. Above you is the never ending sky. In that moment of awe, you will experience all elements of nature.


We had mentioned earlier that Turkey has many pieces of evidence of Greek and Roman history. You can roam around the nation and find the traces of past. One such example is Pergamum. In its days it used to be a library. But now its ruins are in parallel with that of Colosseum.

Built during the period of Marcus Aurelius Aspendos still, has the power to leave you breathless. It is a Roman theater. Many tourists folk here to have a look at it. You will be taken to Greece for a short time while you are in these locations.


Are you terrestrial? Of course, you are! But many of us are water fans. For them, water is a wild mistress whom you cannot tame. If you are one of them, please don’t forget Bodrum. It is the place where you can soak in the sun on a lovely beach. You can take a cruise on Mediterranean waters.


The rays of sun bathe the city in a golden hue. The rock structures seem like golden statue which come to life. Cappadocia is a place where you have a lot to do. You can click breathtaking pictures of the monuments. Rock Structures are from the byzantine period. From tall cliffs to deep ridges everything is made from rock.

Must see places in Slovenia

Slovenia is not a popular destination among tourists. This small country nevertheless has beautiful spots. You can take a trip to the country and enjoy. Slovenes are a bunch of hard-working people. You can watch them playing extreme sports. They are very diligent in their work. When you visit, you will have a friendly atmosphere. There are exciting places you can go to.

BLED It is a town which is located in the Julian Alps. When you reach here, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairytale. There is a dark blue lake waiting for you in the middle of the town. A beautiful island is nestled at the center of the lake. When you watch it while rowing in the lake, it is magical.

The island houses a small church on it. Imagine the view of a on an island surrounded by the lake! You can ride a bicycle throughout the town and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. For a bit more extreme sports go for hiking or sit on a chairlift to the top of Straza.

VOGEL Slovenia has many sports destination. Vogel is one of them. It is also cheaper compared to many high-class resorts.It is not much crowded. Because it is not so popular among tourists.

Vogel Ski Resort from Top by Gremi35 CC BY-SA 3.0

But it has lovely cross-country trails and top notch ski slopes. It is the best destination for winter sports in Slovenia. You can come here if you are visiting during December to May. The snow clad hills and alpine scenery is fantastic to capture in the lense.

LJUBLJANA The capital of Slovenia is located beside the river Ljubljana. So the city is named after it. It doesn’t cover the much geographical area. There are hardly three lakh people residing in the city. Which is the reason you can discover the city leisurely on your foot. You should visit Ljubljana castle. The palace has intimidating clock towers. From here you can see the old part of the city.

The baroque architecture is intricate. When you are in the capital, you will find many symbols or pictures of the dragon. It is because the Greek hero Jason had killed a giant monster here. The prices are not high. You can stay at Hostel Celica, which was previously a Yugoslav prison. Now it has been renovated and has circle bed and trendy furniture.

SKOCJAN CAVES They have been listed in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The old caves are located in an underground canyon. Hearing “ caves “ makes us think of bats. Yes. Skocjan caves have around fifteen species of bats. Be ready to be greeted by a swarm of bats once you enter.

Bridge Inside Skocjan Caves – Slovenia by TravelingOtter CC BY 2.0


You can walk across two ends of the canyon. Doing so you will feel the actual vastness of it. The canyon also has a cave hall. That cave hall is regarded as the highest in Europe.

PREDJAMA CASTLE Coming from cave this castle is also located on the edge of a cave as well as a cliff. It has stood on the mountain for seven hundred years. Are you a fan of Robinhood? Then this will be your heaven.

This is where Robinhood used to live. The notorious robber in the area who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. This place is of brave hearted heroes. You can see a dueling match going on if you visit during July.

6 Things to Know Before Traveling to Macedonia

Macedonia is a controversial country to be in. Greeks claim it as being a part of their nation. There is a feud on who should claim Alexander the Great as their hero. Most of the citizens are below poverty line. That did not stop the government. They spent a huge amount of money on Skopje.

All things aside, Macedonia is a peaceful and historic place to go. You will not buckle under our budget here. There are some things you should keep in mind before you come here.


You would think not being under the European Union is bad. But Macedonia will prove you wrong. They don’t have to meet every decision made by the Union. Maybe that is the reason Macedonia has a very high rate of food production. Not only that the quality of agriculture kings over any European country.

Macedonia-02848 – Eye Bridge by Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

Here you can taste some of the freshest salads. You can even drink from public taps. The water is safe and hygienic. If there are so many pros without being in EU, it is better Macedonia stays that way.


Girls! If you in mind for a shopping spree, head over to Skopje. The beautiful city is rebuilt into a mix of modernity and history. The Stara Charshija is around the corner of Skopje. It is the largest market in Balkans (excluding Istanbul).

Ohrid Stara Carsija, Ohrid, Macedonia by Stolevski CC BY-SA 3.0

Depending on The history of the place you would expect something Greek. But the market gives you a strong Ottoman feeling. It is a busy place to shop around for handcrafted goods. Stara Charshija is a strong rival of Grand Bazaar (Istanbul).


It is one of the largest city of Macedonia. But you know what? It is not visited by tourists. The city has every European feature in it. From bustling bazaars to ancient ruins you will find everything here.

The city has great nightlife options. You can walk down the busy streets and do some crazy shopping in Bitola. It is the most European-looking country in Macedonia. If you plan on visiting the country, make sure you stay in Bitola for a fun day.


You might never hear of Macedonian wine in posh restaurants. It is not as acclaimed at it should be. Macedonia produces some really heavenly wine. They don’t export much.

Tikveš Walkway to wine cellars by Güldem Üstün CC BY 2.0

That is the reason it is not as widely known. Tikves is the best brand to taste. You can even get a liter of it in just 99 denars. You should not miss drinking Macedonian wine. Alexander would be really proud of Macedonia now. Who will not be happy by ambrosia on earth!


You will just have to live through the night with heels on! Yes, heels are a girl’s best friend. But you can’t wear it throughout the evening without welcoming a sprain. But Macedonian men have a totally different idea. Girls with heels are a turn on for them. So if you want to attract or hook up with a Macedonian man, don’t forget your heels.

When you are touring around, stick with wedges as they will be comfy yet attractive. Forget about flats. They will make you ugly in their eyes. Say yes to heels in Macedonia and you will have a good night ahead.


The dwindling economy of Macedonia puts it in a “not-so-good” economic category. But for tourists, it is a win-win situation. The prices are extremely low. With $6 you can have a satisfying meal. If you want to be on budget Macedonia is the best place to visit.

Iglesia San Juan Kaneo, Ohrid, Macedonia by Diego Delso CC BY-SA 3.0

With only $10 in your purse, you can both eat and drink lavishly. When the bills come to you, you will be surprised. But in a good way. Price is much lower than anticipated. It is cheaper than Albania even.

5 Must Visit Places in Ireland

Ireland is a country of a tragic history. It is the birthplace of many talented writers. It has got the highest number of Nobel prizes for literature. The people here are warm towards tourists. You will find that they are liberal minded people. Everything just perfectly goes together for Ireland. The alluring landscape, the outdoor activities, The rich literature each aspect will charm you. Some places in Ireland are a must see.


A city of saints nestled between two lakes. You will spend some quality time with nature in Glendalough. St Kevin established a monastery here. The towers and sites from the sixth century make this place come alive. The thick woods surrounding it will call onto you. You can just lose yourself in the silence of nature. Many archaeological sites are waiting to be explored. Just enjoy the diverse wildlife or plan a picnic here.


Queen Victoria graced the land of Kerry. In the nineteenth century, Muckrose House was built. The grand architecture and bewitching scenery will leave you spellbound. Killarney National Park houses this amazing House.

Everything here was made perfect for the arrival of the queen. They are faded beauties of past. When you visit the place, you will feel like you are a Queen. You can move around in horse carriages. Take the opportunity of enjoying the landscape in a medieval way.


Touring without shopping doesn’t sound exciting. But Ireland brings to you something more than shopping. Grafton Street is so much more than a shopping street. The colorful windows displaying flowers, the warm cafes, the artists performing all are a delight to watch.

In the midst of that lively atmosphere grab a cup of coffee and stroll to St Stephen’s Green. You will find an array of shops. Walk into which interests you. The service here is welcoming. Prices are also low. Happy shopping in Dublin.


It is rich in historical heritage. The aerial view is breathtaking. It is a group of Medieval buildings standing on rock formations. You will have to give the architects credits. They have built something iconic.

The buildings still stand tall and mighty. The oldest building is a Gothic cathedral of the thirteenth century. You can also see the High Cross. An audio-visual show is given to visitors. You will have basic knowledge of the historic buildings you visit. Engage yourself in a time warp.


A secluded place for you to get away from the noise of the world. Aran Islands is a collection of three islands. Inishmore is the largest among them. It became popular after a documentary was made on the island. Visitors are tempted to uncover the mysterious islands.

The towering cliffs and ancient culture will trap you in Gaelic culture. Only twelve thousand people inhabit the islands. Walk on the stones of old stone fort Dun Aonghasa. You will feel the magic of the place. It can soothe to spend your time in this quiet scenic location. Therapy to heal your worries.